zsliap Monster Truck RTR with 32cc Gasoline Engine High Speed 80km/h 4WD Off-Road 1:5 Scale RC

(as of Dec 09,2023 12:49:17 UTC – Details)

1/5 All-metal oversized body, 74cm large size,80km/h speed

Ball bearings, the latest ball joints, solid universal transmission and high-performance full-car rolling bearings

In order to maintain the off-road performance of the vehicle body and the stability at high speeds, the car is equipped with a lot of strong performance components, and at the same time, the performance is greatly upgraded, four-wheel drive system, and full car roll cage protection!

Powerful power, gasoline fuel provides powerful power, and you can drive freely on all kinds of bumpy roads!

Bending type all-metal polished 6061 bottom plate, fiberglass brake butterfly, solid universal transmission cup, high-energy rolling bearings, motor gears and big gears are all tempered materials, anti-collision, wear-resistant, violent and playable!

Special rubber tires for off-road climbing, aluminum 6061 chassis, smooth driving and firmer grip

High-quality rubber exhaust pipe, reduce noise, transparent oil pipe, can observe the oil quantity at any time

Steel teeth, new ball joint technology connection, steel drive teeth, fiberglass brake butterfly, powerful suspension system, strong front and rear shock absorbers

Remote control distance up to 250m

Package List:
1x RC Car
1x Remote Controller
1x Set Other Parts
☀Differential four-wheel drive, high-quality alloy main gear. High-quality differential. Scientific design. Durable
☀Powerful engine, 32CC high-performance gasoline starts the engine and provides powerful driving force. It adopts a 25:1 gasoline and oil blending ratio.
☀Hydraulic shock absorption, the whole car is equipped with 4 oil-filled all-aluminum shock absorbers, which can be adjusted according to different road surfaces, and the driving is more stable
☀Large fuel tank, 700CC large-capacity fuel tank, sealed and leak-proof, equipped with ultra-long tubing, easy to add fuel, longer time. More fun.
☀Aluminum alloy chassis, anodized high-quality 6061/T6 aluminum alloy base plate, shock absorber bracket. Anti-collision and wear-resistant

(as of Dec 09,2023 12:49:17 UTC – Details)

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