RC Fuel Racing Gasoline 29Cc Four-Wheel Drive Big Foot Synchronous Belt Drive Remote Control Car 1/5 Model Off-Road Vehicle Drift Racing Toy,Yellow

(as of Aug 08,2022 13:18:45 UTC – Details)

1. 30.5cc single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke four-point fixed gasoline engine
2. Length x width x height LxWxH: 760mm * 500mm * 360mm
3. 410mm tread
4. Wheelbase: 500mm
5. Rear braking axle
6. Synchronous belt drive
7.BM Exhaust Pipe Resonance
8, 8000 rpm clutch
9, front and rear aluminum alloy differential
10. Car shell PC material
11, 18KG digital metal gear gas servo
12, 55KG metal gear steering servo
13, BER 2.4G LED screen three-channel remote control
14, CNC metal clutch bracket kit
15. CNC metal integrated large base plate
16, CNC metal four-wheel hydraulic brake
17.Enhanced front and rear suspension
18, 6mm metal shock absorption
19, the new large pneumatic foot 220 * 120
20.New matching pot
21. Emergency repair kit is provided with the vehicle
22. On-board oil package: shock absorption, air filter, oil filter
This is a large gasoline remote control car model with 4 drive shaft transmission. Due to the relatively large weight of this model itself, the personal car playing experience is obviously different, greatly enhancing your fun
The biggest feature is that this car is equipped with a newly developed 29cc single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke four-point fixed gasoline engine. 8000 rpm wear-resistant clutch, the maximum torque has been greatly improved, and the power has naturally increased a lot. The large-capacity fuel tank, sealed, leak-proof, longer entertainment time, more fun.
Four-wheel drive shaft transmission system: synchronous belt drive rear wheel axle brake, front and rear aluminum alloy differential, 6 mm metal shock absorption, enhanced front and rear suspension to easily control any terrain;
PC material car shell, CNC integrated large bottom plate, with 220*120 big foot tires, scientific design, rugged and durable, can meet all kinds of terrain competition
If you are looking for exciting and particularly cool gifts, then you will love this car, it will allow you to easily win the game with your friends.

(as of Aug 08,2022 13:18:45 UTC – Details)

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