YUE MOTION Liquid Bubbler Visual Sensory Timer, 2 Minute – New Big XL Calming Sensory Drip Drop Color Water Bubble Toy (Single Pack)

Price: $12.99
(as of Jan 30,2020 12:43:34 UTC – Details)

CAPTIVATING MULTICOLOR BUBBLES: Big liquid motion bubbler timer makes counting, waiting & brushing teeth fun & entertaining.
Works with the pull of gravity to visually tell time without ticker (2 min).
BEST BUBBLER TIMER SENSORY TOYS: Liquid hour glass timer filled with bright & colorful liquid bubbles that drip & drop as they move about.
Mesmerizing motion engages the creative minds of children.
NO ticking sound.
NO alarm.
Recommended visual timer clock for kids with autism & ADHD.
Stimulates sensory play for calming relaxation.
GREAT GIFT IDEAS FOR KIDS & ADULTS: Similar to a mini lava lamp, our super groovy liquid motion timer makes a cool 1990s-inspired desk or shelf accessory for the office.
Give as a birthday gift for child or adult.
FOR TEETH BRUSHING, COOKING, MORE: Use the bubbler as a visual timer for kids with autism, 2 minute toothbrush timer for kids, kitchen timer for cooking with children or visual time out timer in the classroom.

Price: $12.99
(as of Jan 30,2020 12:43:34 UTC – Details)

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