FKYTION Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer Zig Zag Colorful Hourglass Liquid Bubbler ADHD Fidget Toy Sensory Toys Anxiety Toys Autism Toys Children Activity Calm Relaxing Desk Toys (Zig Zag Blue & Red)

Price: $9.48
(as of Apr 05,2020 12:39:38 UTC – Details)

★ GREAT AND FASCINATING VISUAL EFFECTS- Great Zig Zag colorful liquid motion bubbler is an excellent visual stimulant which will entertain children for hours.
It has a mesmerizing effect when you watch the bubbles travel down in slow motion. Our bubblers work by letting gravity guide the colored droplets from top to bottom at a slow and steady speed!
★ SOOTHING & RELAXING FEELING- If your little boy or girl is suffering from symptoms of ADHD, autism or hyperactivity, rest assured that our Liquid Hourglass Toy will help your kid relax and remain focused with its slow and rhythmic tempo.
★ SIMPLE, QUIET AND FUN- Simply flip it over and it will start all over again and again!
these liquid motion bubblers will actively work to relieve your stress and provide you with hours of calming entertainment at home or even at the office.
★ PERFECT LIQUID BUBBLER TIMER TOYS- A gentle fidget toy that pleases the eye and eases for comfort.
It relaxes with its red and blue droplets flowing to the bottom.
Great Gift for children & adults!
★ GREAT FOR ALL AGES- This item is one of those that can be enjoyed by ADULTS and CHILDREN alike.
Great for keeping on your Desk, on the Dresser in your Room, or on your Kitchen Counter … In short, wherever you think it might come in handy.

Price: $9.48
(as of Apr 05,2020 12:39:38 UTC – Details)

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