X WORKBOX 6 in 1 STEM Learning Kit, Science and Engineering Kit

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Line Follower Robot

Hydraulic Arm


Line Follower Robot

The concept of working of a Line Follower Robot is based on the phenomenon of light. We know that white color reflects almost all lights that fall on it, whereas black color absorbs most of the lights. In case of a line follower robot, we use IR (Infrared) transmitters and receivers also called photodiodes to send and receive lights.

4-Way Hydraulic Arm

Pressure in a liquid is transmitted equally in all directions. That is, when one pushes down on the liquid in a tube the liquid will push against whatever it comes up against, even if it is bigger than the original tube. Therefore, it is possible to use a small amount of force to create a larger force somewhere else.

Hologram Projector

We make a transparent, four-sided pyramid. The pyramid’s sides act as four mirrors, situated at 45° angles on a smartphone or tablet screen. The screen and pyramid become a hologram projector. When used with a holographic animation video, moving 3D images (holograms) appear inside the pyramid.

Laser Security

Gear Train

Laser Security Alarm

One of the main components of the security system circuit is LDR or Light Dependent Resistors. It detects light and changes its resistance to send a signal to buzzer and LED. When light hits the LDR, its resistance is very low, but when it’s in the dark or light is interrupted its resistance is very high.

The LDR is used in combination with the laser to form the light sensor and source.

Gear Train

Gears are wheels with teeth that slot together. If the gears are of different sizes, they can be used to increase the power of a turning force. The smaller wheel turns more quickly but with less force, while the bigger one turns more slowly with more force.

Cars and bicycles use gears to achieve amazing speeds our bodies could never match without help.

Mini Solar Car

Solar cars (or solar vehicles) are a special type of electric vehicle that only get their power from the sun. They use solar cells on the surface of the car to produce electricity and the electricity makes a motor turn, and that turns the wheels. They can drive all day and not make any pollution.

Solar Car

About X Workbox

X Workbox aims to inspire Next Gen innovators and expand their horizons through hands-on learning. With hands-on STEM projects and a lot of fun, we help kids exercise power of creative genius that empowers them to be tomorrow’s innovators.

Based in Rockville Maryland, we are a team of engineers, scientists, and makers with a passion for developing DIY projects, teaching and helping kids of all ages realize their fullest potential.

SIX STEM PROJECTS – Line Follower Robot, Hydraulic Arm, Hologram Projector, Gear Train, Laser Security Alarm, Mini Solar Car

ALL INCLUSIVE – Our Science and Engineering kits come with all necessary materials, tools, and easy-to-follow step by step instructions to complete successful projects.

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY – Educate and have FUN together at the same time! Learn all about sensors, laser, gear ratio calculation, electric components, fluid power, solar applications and more!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We’re a Maryland-based company, and every customer experience is important to us. If there is anything wrong, missing, or different than you expected, please reach out to us so that we can make things right.

GREAT GIFT – Spend quality time together!

(as of Jun 01,2023 15:33:24 UTC – Details)

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