WHL.HH Standing Radiator Heater, Portable Heater with Overheat Protection, Adjustable Thermostat, 2000W Space Heater, Oil Filled Radiator Heater,A

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Maximum power: 2000W
Rated voltage: 220V / 50HZ
Number of heating of the paper: 9/11/13
Colour: Black
Packing list: Heater
Dimensions: 39 cm * 10 cm * 62 cm, 46 cm * 10 cm * 62 cm, 53 cm * 10 cm * 62 cm
Weight: 9.5kg-13.1kg
Tripod: Caster
Power cord length: 1.3m
Applicable area: 10-30 square meters
Features: Mute fever, dumping electricity, smart thermostats, thermal protection does not consume oxygen, the body retardant, does not affect the warm sleep health! A multi-purpose machine, heating, humidification, drying clothes is correct. Heating speed, dumping off function, quiet, comfortable, warm sleep
The portable heater, with handle: easily from one room to another room.
Heating: Oil
Please note that you may need a plug adapter
line with national standards (CCC)

  1. Energy saving: Your thermostatically controlled heater can effectively heat your home. In order to adjust the indoor temperature, using a thermostat clockwise or counterclockwise until you feel comfortable. .
  2. Safety Control: oil-filled electric heater, hot end of the circuit breaker switch to ensure that the food is always completely safe. Close temperature fuse, once the thermal protection system identifies product components overheat. By switching immediately, unless it is switched to the article in the upright position opposite end portions. .

  3. Portable: wheel from one room to another, so as to allow the oil radiator easily move smoothly. Weight 13 kg, you will not have any problems, you can be transported to anywhere you want to go. .

  4. Applicable effect: the impressive 9,11,13 oil-filled radiators heat up instantly to your room, and quickly distribute warmth. Home, office, dorm use – ideal for families and stylish way to office or radiator heating. Simple and stylish black suit any room

(as of UTC – Details)

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