Heaters Indoor Portable Electric for Large Space – Freestanding Oil Filled Radiator Heater 24hr Timer Remote Oil Filled Radiator Full Room Heater with Tip Over Overheat Protection,2000w

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product information
Product power: 1500W
Heat sink: 9 pieces
Product weight: 9.4kg
Application area: 10-15㎡
Packing size: 470130660mm

Product power: 2000W
Heat sink: 11 pieces
Product weight: 10.7kg
Application area: 20-25㎡
Packing size: 540130660mm

Product power: 2200W
Heat sink: 15 pieces
Product weight: 13.5kg
Application area: 25-30㎡
Packing size: 680130660mm

Tipping automatic power off: 30° tilting automatic power off product will automatically turn on the power-off protection function when the tilt is more than 30 degrees, safer and more secure.
Overheat protection: When the machine temperature reaches a certain temperature, the machine will automatically power off and protect the safety.
Rongsheng Oil Ting: rapid heating, high boiling point, fast flow, long cooling, good heat conduction.
Quiet & Multiple Use Occasion: Minimalist and compact design perfectly matches your surroundings, and soft hot wind will warm you without noise while you’re working, sleeping, writing, reading, listening, chatting, watching movies or other indoor use.
Low noise and no radiation: suitable for mother and baby, low noise, make sleep more fragrant. Use your comfort temperature naturally to care for your eyes.

(as of UTC – Details)

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