UJIKHSD Remote Control Car Toy for Boys Girls, 2.4 GHz RC Snowmobile, 1:5 Scale Fast Speedy Crawler Truck, Bring Desert Tires Snow Remote Control Car

(as of Aug 08,2022 14:15:41 UTC – Details)

1. 32cc two-stroke four-point fixed gasoline engine
2. Body length x width x height LxWxH: 970x440x340mm
3.The front 395mm/rear 400mm of the wheelbase
4. Wheelbase 570mm
5. Rear-wheel drive
6. Rear axle brake
7. 15KG metal gear throttle servo
8. 45KG metal gear steering steering gear
9. Exhaust pipe
10. Metal differential case
11.5T/5SC third-generation road tires
12.6mm plastic shock absorption
13. SC6V2000 mAh battery
14. Non-LCD 2.4G six-channel remote control RC-X6
15, 8000 rpm wear-resistant clutch
16. Second-generation reinforced front and rear suspension
17. Front and rear anti-roll bars
18, 9MM half shaft (dog bone)
19. Metal clutch tripod
20. Symmetrical steering
21, the new type of closed nut
▲ Easy to switch between snow mode and free cross-country.
▲ One vehicle has multiple uses, suitable for different seasons and venues.
▲ Equipped with 15KG metal gear throttle servo and 45KG metal gear steering servo.
▲ The second-generation reinforced suspension feels very solid.
▲ This remote control car is not equipped with a fuel pack. You need to bring your own. (Damping oil, differential oil, air filter oil)

(as of Aug 08,2022 14:15:41 UTC – Details)

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