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RINKMO FEB-S1 Folding Electric Bike,14 Inch Electric Bicycle with Dual Disc Brakes,36V 8Ah Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, Power Assist,250W Brushless Gear Motor, Suitable for Teens and Adults

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Product Description

electric bike FEB-s1electric bike FEB-s1

RINKMO specializes in technology development and production in the bicycle industry. We already have a lot of patented technology and good design capabilities. Our product line includes folding bikes, mountain bikes, urban road bikes and scooters. Moreover, we have developed advanced battery management systems and overcharge, overheating, overvoltage and other protection measures and various advanced motor motors to assist the power.

folding e bikefolding e bike

A revolutionary electric bike designed for Commuters

By the princinples of Concision, Practical Value, Energy Saving, and centered on user experience, RinKmo launches this revolutionary folding electric bike. We proudly made a lot improvements based on previous bikes and dealing the issue facing different situations.

Simplifying the electric bike gear, 3 levels power instead of multi-gear position, still flexible but easier to operate.
Developing advanced battery management system, which can prevent over-voltage, overcharge and overheating, and less electric consuming.
Upgrading the dual disc brakes from traditional drum brakes, higher cost but effect immediately with shorter brake distance, and prevent falling over for emergency brake.

What else make RinKmo electric bike different?

Dual bicycle mudguards to ride over puddle or byway with mud.
Firm handle to lift it, get things easier when across upstairs or bring it to a bus.
Equiped 4 LED headlight, rear alarm light and electric beep bell for night driving.
Removable battery, could be charged in your office or home, avoid the trouble of bringing the whole bike indoor.

Smart Speed MeterSmart Speed Meter

3 Speed Models & Power Assist

3 levels power provide various power assisting your riding for different requirements. Wheather riding it acrosing the crowd in New York Street or conquer a steep hill of 25° inclines.

Pedaling the bike or the twisting the throttle, either way will start the power assist and drive the bike go forward.

Smart LCD Speedmeter

The speedmeter will display real time speed, your riding mileage during this tour, and the left power of the bike battery in accurate number.

Besides, the power level between 0 to 3.

LCD back light help you view it clearly wheather on noon or night.

Easy Operation While Riding

Press the “M” key for 3 seconds to turn on or turn off the speedmeter. “0”level means no power assist but show the speed of the bike.

Press ” + ” or ” – ” to adjust the gear “1-3”, which it will provide different levels of power assist. Twist the throttle or pedal the bike, the motor start to work and go forward.

Besides, press” + “key for 3 seconds to control the headlight on or off.


Folded Bike Size: 25 inches * 27 inches

Recommended user height: 4’9″–6’3″

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Load Capacity: 264 LB / 120 KG

Net Weight: 37 LB

Max Speed: 15.5mph (throttle only)

Mileage range: 15.5-30miles

Charging Time: 4-5 hours



electric bike motor

electric bike motor

foldable electric bike

foldable electric bike

Removable Battery with UL Certificate

36V 7.8ah lithium-ion battery. Removable feature, could be removed and charged with direct cable connection, enjoy higher charging speed. The battery cell has passed UL certification, ensure the safe life of the top battery through intelligent protection measures to prevent over-voltage, overcharge and overheating.

Brushless Gear Motor

250W high speed brushless gear motor provides enough power for you to reach 15.5mph in pure electric mode. The rear hub motor is protected from overheating by an aluminum radiator that helps regulate the motor temperature.

Foldable Bicycle with Lifting Handle

Foldable features means you can store it with the least amount of space, and easily store it in the trunk of any vehicle, car or bus. which is the ideal choice for travel and commute. Special designed lifting handle make it more easy to move when folded.

Dual disk brake

Dual disk brake

Adjustable seat

Adjustable seat

led headlight

led headlight

Safer Dual Disc Brake

Closer braking distance, easier to hold, effect immediately, compared with the traditional brake system. The latest style dual-disc-brakes can brake quickly and ensure your riding safety at any time.

Adjustable Size for 4’9″ – 6’3″

The bike is designed for commuter of adults, youth, women as well. Adjustable seat and handle height, you can always find your most suitable gesture to enoy the riding.

Super Bright 4 LED Headlight

Super bright headlights with 4 LEDs, 280-300lm brightness, plus reflective taillights. As well, there is a reflecter alarm light on the rear of the electric bike, make it safer to ride at night.

Amazing bike for commuter, a more environmental-friendly solution for traffic

A masterpiece developed by RinKmo.
Compact, Powerful, Flexible, good choice for you whether in major cities, country sides, or steep hills.
A more economic and energy saving way reach your goal to conquer the issues of short distance traffic during commute or trip.
Aluminum foldable frame, fast folding and easy to store, can be put in the trunk or taken to the bus. It saves your time greatly.
Bright headlights to be ensured for the safety of riding at night, backlight on the speedmeter and rear alarm light. Equiped a more convenient and louder electric bell than the traditional one.
250W high power brushless gear motor can take you just anywhere with road. Less hard to climb a long steep ascent, and even ride the electric bike with pedals while it’s out of power.
Advanced battery management system, which can ensure the safe life of the top battery through intelligent protection measures to prevent over-voltage, overcharge and overheating.

Just start the amazing tour with RINKMO FEB-S1 Folding Electric Bike!

【Pre-assembled】: The folding electric bike is pre-assembled already, just take it out and go on road. NO need a complicated installation or the expert craftsmanship at all.
【Dual Disc Brakes】: Shorter braking distance and your driving safety are ensured, as both the front & rear disc brakes are well equiped on your latest style electric bicycle.
【3 Riding Models with Smart Meter】: Three models of riding are available: Pure Electric Bikes, Power Assisted Electric Bikes and Regular Riding Bikes. Pedal the bike or twist the throttle to accelerate the bike in electric model. Real time speed will be shown on the smart meter with LCD backlight, clear view wheather on noon or night.
【Removable Battery】: The electric bike battery can be removed and charged off the frame, easily charge it in your home or office and avoid the troubles perfectly of short charging cable or electric vehicles indoor prohibition. UL certificate safe lithium-ion battery, 36V 7.8ah, driving 15.5-30 miles per charge. Combined with 250W high speed brushless gear motor, easily assists your electric bikes go forward at max speed 15.5mph and conquer 25° inclines.
【Amazing Driving Feelings】: Go at ease on any road whether in puddle or dust with Dual Bicycle Mudguards. Acrosing the building stairs easily with firm GRIP HANDLE. Safely driving in night with ringling electric bell, front and rear lights. Solving your any other trouble with our responsible Online Services.

(as of – Details)

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