RICETOO 48V 1000W 20″/24″/26″/27.5″/28″/700C Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit with Brushless Gearless Hub Motor with KT-LED900S Display.

(as of Jun 26,2022 02:41:51 UTC – Details)

About Products:
If you encounter any problems, please contact my store customer service first.
If your kit has been used for some time and suddenly stops working, please do not return it. It may be that your motor plug is immersed in water. Unplug the plug for inspection and dry it. Plug it back in and it will work normally.
Common problem:
(1) You must ensure that the connecting machine between the motor and the controller is firmly connected.
(2) The installation distance of the pedal assist device is about 5mm.
(3) Ensure that the inner core of each plug is not damaged/broken/bent.
(4) Please do not change the display parameters at will, you can use it directly. Before we send the goods, the engineer will set the parameters for you.
Please operate according to our installation manual, or you can contact us, we will provide you with the installation video, but the machine needs to be connected correctly and firmly during the installation process to make the product work normally. If it is incorrect during the installation process, the product will not work properly.
After the installation is complete, you can check on the LCD display to see if the error code is displayed on the display interface.
If you can’t solve it, please don’t make a refund, please contact the customer service of our store! (If you return the goods directly to the Amazon warehouse, this product will not be sold again, and I cannot get compensation. Thank you for your understanding)
The package contains:
1) 48V 1000W Front Wheel  x1  (without tire)
2) 36V/48V 30A controller  x1
3) KT-LED900S Display x1
4)Thumb Throttle x1
5) Power Cut-off Brake Levers x1
6) Bolts and Nuts
7) PAS sensor x1
8) Zip ties and Protection line  x1
9) Gift!!! controller bag x1
2. Controller system: We use the Kunteng control system, please do not change any of the accessories at will, you can consult our store customer service if you have any questions. We use a Hall controller, which can start from scratch quickly and smoothly, and there is no pause when going uphill.
3. Description: Our products do not contain lithium batteries and inner and outer tires! This product is only suitable for bicycles with tire sizes 201.95-2.125,241.95-2.125,261.95-2.125,27.51.95-2.125.
4.KT- LED900S Made of high-quality plastic, high strength and abrasion resistance, durable. 19 LED light bar for speed display, with 6 km / h acceleration function / under voltage display. Four intelligent electronic volume indicators / five-speed imitation torque assist transmission. With headlight switch control function, convenient and practical. An instruction manual is included with the display package.
5. Motor: Ebike conversion kit 48V1000W brushless gearless motor with a maximum speed of 40km/h. The opening of the front fork is 100mm, please make sure your front fork is 100mm, otherwise it cannot be installed.
6. Installation: Using this product, you can easily convert ordinary bicycles into electric bicycles. This is hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying a new electric bicycle. It only takes 1-2 hours for one person to complete the modification. If you don’t know how to install the kit, please find a bicycle store for help, or a friend who can install it for help. Ensure that the parts are in good condition, so as not to cause the kit to fail to work.

(as of Jun 26,2022 02:41:51 UTC – Details)

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