Neodymium Pot Magnets – Bulk Pack of 5 pc 20+ LB Strength – Countersunk Hole with Mounting Screws

Price: $10.29
(as of Dec 16,2019 21:05:26 UTC – Details)


Neodymium Pot Magnets are not equipped with screws!!!

If you’re hooked on staying organized, get a load of these super strong and super handy neodymium magnet hooks from Laura Blanco. These neodymium magnet hooks make great home, garage, shop, warehouse and office organizers. They are handy for hanging everything from tools, equipment, utensils, components, supplies and products – to sales, sports and safety banners everywhere you work and play.
Powerful Rare earth magnets: Made of strong rare earth Neodymium Magnet,uniquely design to have magnet sits inside a hard steel cup to provides excellent mechanical properties and durability. This neodymium magnet can securely holds up to 20 lbs, 50% less pull force if use on underside surface.
Unlimited Applications: Perfect for Quick Organising your indoor and outdoor projects. These super magnet could be use for assembly at Home, Business and Schools, Science Projects, Hobbiest, Garage, Workshop, Office for art projects, craft, Prototypes,and Much More…
Easy to Install: The screw can be easily screw into wooden surface with screw head sitting flush with the magnets surface. The counter sunk hole on the magnet works well with flat head screw to affix onto any surface.
High Quality: Nickel-Copper-Nickel ( NI+CU+NI ) triple layer coating, BEST coating available in market for superior durability to counter pure Neodymium oxidation properties.
Satisfaction Guarantee: If you aren’t completely happy with our strong neodymium magnets and its flexible uses, simply return them within 30 days for a full refund.

Price: $10.29
(as of Dec 16,2019 21:05:26 UTC – Details)

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