Super Strong Neodymium Bar Magnets 60 x 10 x 4 mm Pack of 10

Price: $16.99
(as of Dec 16,2019 21:13:04 UTC – Details)

Get Your Hands On The Strongest Rare Earth Magnet Bars For 1000+1 Purposes!
Are you looking for…
… powerful and eye-catching neodymium magnets to hold your shopping list on the fridge?
… super strong neodymium magnet bars for your DIY crafts or science projects?
… durable, anti-rust office, kitchen or classroom hanging magnets that will stay put without sliding?
BlueBox Magnets has just released industrial strength neodymium bar magnets with high powered holding for any household, office or scientific task!

The Perfect Multipurpose Rare Earth Magnets!
Shiny, smooth and with a stylish silver finish, these neodymium magnet bars are perfect for organizing your cooking utensils, kitchen cupboards and drawers.
Ideal for tool organization and home improvement, they also make the best hanging, refrigerator and office bar magnets.
Great for school projects and science experiments, DIY arts and crafts, and jewelry, they are your #1 choice when looking for kids craft/science project/art/craft/educational magnets!
No More Rust!
Thanks to their anti-corrosion copper & nickel coating, these powerful neodymium magnets are guaranteed anti-rust and long-lasting.

Sturdier & More Resistant To Drops!
Choose the working area and rest assured that they will stay adhered on that metallic surface FOREVER!
With INCREASED THICKNESS to enhance durability, they are reliable N35 grade super strong magnets with a UNIQUE SHINE that makes them stand out among custom N45 or N52 magnet bars!
Get Your Neodymium Magnet Bars Set Today Risk-Free!
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ULTRA STRONG RARE EARTH NEODYMIUM MAGNETS in the perfect size (60X10X4mm) for your DIY projects, crafting, tool hanging, kitchen, car, office, household, scientific and classroom needs.
THICKER FOR INCREASED DURABILITY! We made our powerful N35 neodymium bar magnets thicker by 1mm, to make them MORE RESISTANT to breaking if accidentally dropped.

WILL STAY PUT NO MATTER WHAT! No more fridge/office/art/craft/science project magnet bars that slide off! This a powerful neodymium magnet set of 10, sintered to stay magnetized forever!
GUARANTEED ANTI-RUST BAR MAGNETS coated with copper & covered with protective nickel layers. Smooth, shiny, silver finish and increased longevity. No more rusty, messy magnetic bars!
Only magnets sold in BlueBox packaging and distributed by BlueBox Goods are genuine BlueBox magnets! We DO NOT guarantee the quality of any competitors since they are likely counterfeit items. You can see the seller’s name under the «Add to Cart» and «Buy now buttons.»

Price: $16.99
(as of Dec 16,2019 21:13:04 UTC – Details)

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