FivStarz Desk Heater- Portable Electric Heating Device for Home, Office, Work – Overheat Protection, Self-Regulating Temperature – Quiet Operation, Energy Efficient-New 2020 Design

(as of UTC – Details)

Get ready to say goodbye to cold fingers and toes for good!

Cold fingers reduce productivity at work and there is just no way to wear gloves while working at a computer. Frozen feet can become painful, and once they get cold it’s so hard to warm them back up without an intervention.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t always trust huge heaters, you’re not alone. Not only are they bulky, but the halogen and extreme, rapid red hot heat can cause burns. Worse, too many tip or overheat.

FivStarz Portable Heater is the small-bodied, attractive choice for a safety heater you will love.

Our fan heater comes in a sleek black color that’s beautifully accented by the golden grills. Match it to the modern decor at your desk or home. A powerful air intake allows for the immediate flow of gentle warmth so you’ll feel cozy and comfortable right away.

The quiet whir on the new design will lull you to sleep or allow you to almost forget it’s there–but you’ll know it from the outpouring of magnificent heat spilling over your feet or your hands as it sits on your desk.

We have worked hard to provide you with a portable heater that conforms to the high safety standards of the U.S. and Europe. Our one-button open is easy to use and you’ll be pleased with your energy savings while using this product.

Still unsure? Here are more reasons to choose this heater:

💎 Stylish cylindrical design adds an elegant feel to any room or table
💎 Transport it with ease wherever you need it
💎 Small body sits comfortably under or on top of a desk
💎 Easy, push-button start

Take off your mittens and hang up your scarves. Add FivStarz Portable Heater to your cart TODAY! Specifications: ☆ Color: Black ☆ Power Watt: 250W-400W ☆ Weight:1.10 pounds ☆ Size: 14X14X21CM ☆ Working Voltage: 220V Package Included: ☆ 1 x FIVSTARZ Fan Heater ☆ 1 x Instruction Manual

⭐️ INSTANT HEAT – A single button fires up this personal heater, which begins instantly blowing warm, even heat. Shake off those shivers and feel yourself thaw out in as fast as 2 seconds.

⭐️ PORTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Are you cold wherever you go? A small but mighty compact design allows you to carry this attractive mini space heater with you from room to room–even to work!

⭐️ FEEL SAFE FROM OVERHEATING – Our portable electric heater has overheat protection and a flame retardant body so you can feel confident that you’re free from fire hazards. Go ahead, warm up.

⭐️ ENJOY ENHANCED ENERGY EFFICIENCY – The automatic temperature control sends out an even heat and uses a 3C high-quality rubber coated power plug for increased safety and protection against heat.

⭐️ NO NOISE DISTURBANCE – Don’t settle for a heating unit that sounds like it’s going to take off into space. Our fan heater uses an ultra-quiet, spiral heating body. Stay warm and relaxed.

(as of UTC – Details)

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