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Fast RC Cars, 1:18 Scale All Terrain High Speed Remote Control Car for Adults Kids, 25+ MPH 4WD Off Road Monster Trucks, 2.4 GHz Toy Trucks with 2 Rechargeable Battery, 40+ Min Play Gift for Boy Girl

Price: $84.99
(as of Jan 02, 2021 13:21:00 UTC – Details)

Product Description

2020 New 1:18 High Speed Remote Control Truck What Kind Of RC Car Do You Want Do you need a hobby level remote control truck? Do you want to buy pet toys and interact with them? Do you want the children to play in the yard or in the wild?


Do you want to surprise your child or boyfriend with a special gift? First, let us understand the EP EXERCISE N PLAY 1:18 high-speed 4WD RC car.


Then you have come to the right place, and its excellent performance will make you put it down! MORE SURPRISE


LED headlight When night fell, other remote control cars drove into the garage. Our remote control car is equipped with two front LED headlights. We can drive it without fear of the dark night.

Powerful Brushed Motor 380 DC motor with 20000 RPM lets you experience the remote control truck extreme power, speed, and acceleration by making it easy to control on on-road and off-road environment. Shock Absorber System Four wheel are installed with 4 metal shocks which easily absorb jumps and rough terrain, so the remote control truck body more flexible and gains protection from collisions.



How to use the RC Turn the button to easily adjust the speed ratio and steering ratio. (For others, please see the manual). Anti-slip Rubber Tire High toughness and high grip tires allow the truck to pass through any rough terrain. More durable than ordinary tires.

How to charge Use the original charging cable to connect to the USB port or charging head to easily charge. 2 batteries, 200% fun!

About EP EXERCISE N PLAY About EP EXERCISE N PLAY EP EXERCISE N PLAY has been producing remote control cars for 20 years.

There are nearly a hundred products such as remote control cars, remote control boats, and remote control airplanes. Among them, the remote control car is divided into 1:8; 1:10; 1:12; 1:16; 1:18; 1:22 series, which are essential toys for children and adults. We will continue to expand our team, strengthen product quality, and bring a better experience to our customers.



Size:11.42in x 7.48in x 3.94in (1/18)
Drive system: 4WD
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Full Speed: 25mph(40km/h)
Charging Time: 2 hours
Control Distance: about 263 ft (no interference and occlusion)
Running time: 2* 20+ mins (depends on playing operations)
Truck Battery: 7.4V/850mAh battery
Remote Control Battery: 3 x 1.5V AA battery


In order to maintain the stable state of the battery, please remove the battery from the toy car, and then use the original charging cable to charge, otherwise it will damage the battery life.

In order to avoid waste, we did not configure the charger plug, you only need to connect the USB interface to any plug or computer USB interface, you can easily charge.

Before use, please read this manual carefully and pay attention to the content of this link to avoid injury caused by improper operation.

Operating Note

Wheel Steering Rate Control-1 Remoter control to 1-4 Levels and the wheel steering angle is about 0°-10° (depends on playing operations) Wheel Steering Rate Control-2 Remoter control to 5-7 Levels and the wheel steering angle is about 10°-20° (depends on playing operations) Wheel Steering Rate Control-3 Remoter control to 8-10 Levels and the wheel steering angle is about 20°-30° (depends on playing operations) Pairing Please kindly note that using the fully charged remoter battery and truck battery before the pairing.

Then keep the remoter’s trigger mid. Transmitter Low Power The indicator lights will blink slowly.

4×4 HIGH-SPEED RC CAR: This 4 wheel drive high-speed RC racing car is equipped with high quality and durable components to bring you fantastic driving experience. The cool design of the car shell that you will be the focus of the people! With LED Headlights that driving unobstructed even at night. The speed is up to 40 km/h powered by 380 high-speed motors. It is the best choice for any level monster RC trucks enthusiast.

UPDATED WHEEL COMBINATION AND 2 RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES: different from the traditional remote control car wheel configuration. We are equipped with wider wheels. At the same time, the tires have unique patterns to enhance the grip. Equipped with high-quality batteries that are better than ordinary batteries. Two 7.4V / 850mAh high-quality rechargeable batteries can enjoy more than 40 minutes of driving pleasure (each battery more than 20 minutes), depending on the operating conditions.

PROPORTIONAL THROTTLE & STEERING CONTROL:Equipped with a 2.4GHz full-scale synchronous remote control system brings excellent experience. This RC car can be proportional throttle controlled with 10 Speed and proportional steering controlled with 10 ratios. Please kindly note when the steering level is about 1-3, the car steering range is not obvious. Enjoy 10 different levels of racing experience. Suit for beginner and advanced user to easily controlled within a range of up to 260 ft.
STRONG SHOCK-PROOF PERFORMANCE WITH SUPER SHOCK ABSORBER: all four wheels are equipped with metal springs, which can provide support for accidental falls and unstable ground so that you can enjoy the fun of toy cars for a long time. Allows you to drive a remote control car on all terrains such as beaches, sands, rocks, snow, or concrete roads.

FULLY COVERED METAL HEAT SINK & PERFECT GIFT: One difference with other models on the market is that this monster truck is packed with the fully covered metal heat sink to accelerate motor heat dissipation and extend motor life, which enables you to enjoy playing with it for more times. The perfect 4WD racing toy is a must-have for boys, girls, adults, and off road-lovers! Racing with your family or friends indoor and outdoor. Join in the RC truck fun!

Price: $84.99
(as of Jan 02, 2021 13:21:00 UTC – Details)

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