Uv Germicidal Light Lamp with Ozone, Ultraviolet Lamp Portable Disinfection with Uvc Ozone Remove Carpet, Closet Odor, Cleans Air, Killing Mites Flu Bacterial Viruses with Remote Control

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Product Specification
Model: UV disinfection lamp
Voltage: 110V
Power: 36W
Size:175- 440mm
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Working Temp:-20~+65℃
Surface Temp:<80℃
Box size:51*26*26cm
Gross weight :1.16kg
How to use?
1.Plug in—Press the remote control key—Lamp start—Select timing
gear(15minutes/30minutes/60minutes) When it sound a drop press the timing mode
2.UV features:The wavelength by irradiating the DNA and RNA of the microorganisms to
destroyed, causing the bacteria to lose their viability and reproduction ability,
thereby achieving the sterilization effect.
3.After the lamp is turned on, please do not approach it. People / animals leave the
disinfection space. Ventilate the ozone lamp for 30 minutes after disinfection.
4.Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can cause damage to human / animal eyes and skin,
so people and animals need to leave the room during airtight disinfection. 5.Generally sterilize 2-3 times a week
6.Use time reference: bedroom (15/30 minutes) kitchen & toilet (15/30 minutes) living room (60 minutes)
Note: During use, please follow the instructions. If you are accidentally exposed to
ultraviolet rays for a long time,if you your eye was pain or your skin change into red
and itchy , please seek medical treatment immediately.

Basic Parameters: 36W 110V UV sterilize lamp with 185nm Wave length
3 Timer modes: 15 / 30 / 60 minutes, More Safer! automatic turn off, designed for different size rooms.
Durable : long lifespan, low Light decay, lifespan up to 8000H ,Frequent f on/off s switches do t not cause any damage.
Function:Remove methanol and deodorization ,Using Quartz glass UV lamp tube with high penetration and better sterilization effect.
widely used: Use for Home,Loft ,Office,Factory,School, Restaurant,Clinic,Hospital,Hotal,Basement,Mall, And others Big aera place

Price: $136.99
(as of Apr 17,2020 22:23:33 UTC – Details)

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