Tyler 15.6-Inch Digital LED Widescreen Television – Full Ultra HD 1080p Monitor Flat Screen TV with Stand – HDMI, USB, VGA and Coaxial Port Input – Wall Mountable – Mac PC – Stereo Speakers – AC/DC

Price: $109.95
(as of Mar 05,2020 19:47:35 UTC – Details)

Are you forced to buy entertainment magazines to find out what happened to your favorite shows?

Large television sets have the advantage of being able to cater to a group of people watching at the same time. However, larger sets usually catch more glare from light, which makes it harder to view moving picture images in well-lit areas. Plus, they cost more and limit us to be confined in one spot to be able to watch.

Not all people have the luxury of being able to stay tuned to their favorite TV programs. Those who don’t usually end up waiting for re-runs or purchasing magazines to keep up with the story. They also get left out when friends talk about an exciting episode.

With the Tyler 15.6 Inch Digital LED Widescreen TV, you’ll never miss out on your favorite programs!

This compact and light digital TV can be carried easily from room to room within your home. It can also be transported to a holiday home, cabin or caravan.

You now have the luxury of being visually entertained while cooking, cleaning, doing paperwork or eating. It comes with a TV stand and is equipped with fixtures for mounting on a wall. Plus, it includes a DC car adapter to entertain your children while on a road trip.

Our digital LED widescreen TV offers a vivid image quality with full colors and no glare. Perfect for small or limited spaces under any light condition.

Need help to make up your mind? Here are more notable benefits of our portable widescreen TV:

✔ Sleek and elegant built
✔ Full function remote for easy control from anywhere in the room
✔ Multiple input for flexible viewing sources, like USB (Read-Only), HDMI for computers or laptops, VGA for DVD players, and Coax for cables and antenna

Be entertained and informed anytime, anywhere. Add the Tyler 15.6 Inch Digital LED Widescreen TV to your cart TODAY!

TRANSPORT & TRAVEL – A lightweight and portable TV that you can move around the house or bring along when traveling. Sits comfortably atop flat surfaces like corner tables and kitchen counter.
MONITOR VISUAL CONTENT – The digital LED widescreen TV includes a V-chip for parental control capabilities. You can now regulate the content that your children watch for a safe viewing advantage.
FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION – Do you need an easily accessible form of media entertainment? This smart TV can be installed with a stand or mounted to a wall in various areas of your home or vehicle.
NO TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – We offer you an over-the-phone FREE Tech Support for 60 days from the date of delivery. Our trained technicians can help you set-up, configure, connect or trouble-shoot.

Price: $109.95
(as of Mar 05,2020 19:47:35 UTC – Details)

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