Top Race 23 Channel Hobby Remote Control Excavator, Construction Vehicle RC Tractor, Full Metal Excavator Toy, Carries 180 Lbs, Diggs 1.1 Lbs Per Cubic Inch, Real Smoke, Use with Our RC Dump Truck

Price: $599.00 - $539.00
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Product Description

Top RaceTop Race

Top Race TR-211M 23 Channel Full Functional Remote Control Excavator Construction Tractor

Full Metal Excavator Toy is an excavator like nothing similar in the market, This machine is a heavy duty full metal machine which can Carry up to 110 Lbs, and has a digging power of 1.1 Lbs Per Cubic Inch, you will not believe that this excavator works without gas.

NOT JUST A KIDS TOY – The Top Race TR-211M is not a kids toy but rather a professional machine for hobbyists to fulfill their dream of controlling a real excavator, the weight of this excavator is about 20lbs. which gives you some idea on how powerful this truck is, the added headlights and real smoke gives it that finished touch and look as if its a real excavator.

REMOTE CONTROL – The TR-211M Metal excavator comes equipped with a very powerful remote which lets you control every part of this truck with the touch or move of the buttons, the remote has a screen which will show you all modes and controls while you play, the remote also has a timing feature which will allow you to set a timer on the playing time which comes in very handy when giving it to your kids or renting it out in an amusement park.

BATTERY – The Top Race excavator comes equipped with a super powerful 2000Mah battery for superb performance which will give you a nice 45-50 min play time on a charge of about 2-3 hours.

ATTACHEMNETS – The TR-211M also comes with 2 other attachments which you can easily remove and replace whenever you wish, included is a heavy metal shovel, a grapple fork, and a drill, all made of heavy duty steel, included is also a bottle of smoke oil to get the smoke going and clear instructions on how to maneuver this heavy machine. Enjoy!

hydraulic excavator truck toyhydraulic excavator truck toy

Top Race 23 Channel Full Functional Remote Control Excavator Construction Tractor, Full Metal Excavator Toy

Professional 23 Channel Excavator from Top Race is No Toy its for Hobbyist
Digging power of 1.1 lbs per cubic inch, Motor power of 110 lbs can carry a person on it
Extra attachments included to choose between Fork, Shovel, or Drill, Smoke oil is also included
Will dig like a real excavator on heavy dirt no need to soften before, with real smoke and head lights for added reality
Powerful engines and a battery of 2000Mah large 1:14 Scale Hobby Excavator Truck, Charging time is about 2-3 hours play time 45-50 min.

hydrolic excavator toyhydrolic excavator toy

Full Heavy Duty Metal Excavator

Alloy Body
Alloy Bucket
Aloy Tracks
Aloy Arms

Each and every part is being controlled individually by its transmitter, with separate power motors for each section of the arm, Shovel, workbench, Tracks, which gives you the full ability to dig, fill up, and unload anywhere.

rc car trucksrc car trucks

Interchangeable Shovel attachments INCLUDED

Alloy Timber Grab Head
Alloy Drill Head

Can easily be switched at any time with the help of the included multi function wrench and tools

truck tractortruck tractor

Infinite Rotating Workbench

Nothing will stop this TR-211M beast from rotating,

The Top Race TR-211M workbench will rotate continuously and infinite.

best rc car truck for boysbest rc car truck for boys

Real Smoke for Added Realism and More Fun!

The TR-211M has a real smoke feature, that will emit smoke with a push of a button on the remote control, simulating a real excavator. The smoke is 100% safe and is done by special smoke oil which is included in the set.

PROFESSIONAL 23 CHANNEL EXCAVATOR: This Top Race excavator is not just a rc excavator toy or rc tractor toy, it’s a professional hobby grade item. LATEST VERSION V. 3, Use with Our hobby Rc Dump Truck
POWER: Powerful engines and a battery of 2000mAh. Digging power of 1.1 lbs. per cubic inch. Motor power of 180 lbs. Can carry a person on it.
PERFORMANCE: Will dig like a real excavator on heavy dirt. No need to soften dirt before. Has real smoke and head lights for realistic performance.
SIZE and BATTERY: Large 1:14 Scale. Charging time is about 2-3 hours. Play time 45-50 min.
ATTACHMENTS and ACCOMPANIMENTS: Rc Excavator Fork, shovel, drill, smoke oil, rechargeable battery, USB charging cord and tools are all included. Beautiful black carrying case also included ( 3 AA transmitter batteries not included) Ages 12+, Works perfectly with our Rc Dump Trucks, Rc Front Loader, Crane and High low.

Price: $599.00 - $539.00
(as of Apr 05,2020 23:34:41 UTC – Details)

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