SUNER POWER 12V Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer – Portable 6W Solar Panel Trickle Charging Kit for Automotive, Motorcycle, Boat, Marine, RV, Trailer, Powersports, Snowmobile, etc.

Price: $39.95
(as of May 23,2020 09:15:23 UTC – Details)

Product Description


SUNER POWER was founded by a team of technicians who worked together for at least 10 years in solar industry prior to starting the company. They bring decades of collective experience to the table and have built SUNER POWER into one of the top residential solution providers in a very short time. But never mind what we think — the real proof of our rapid success and vision for the future is demonstrated by the faith others have invested in us.

To serve our customers by bringing transparency, simplicity products and services through the competitive marketplace. We are committed to providing home and business owners with an easy way to be powered by affordable, clean and reliable solar power.

6w 8w 10w solar battery charger maintainer6w 8w 10w solar battery charger maintainer

BC-6W Solar Trickle Battery Charger & Maintainer

Solar Battery Charger & MaintainerSolar Battery Charger & Maintainer

12V Battery Charger & Maintainer

The solar charger is great to charge and maintain boat, truck, car, marie, motorcycle, farm equipent or any application where 12v battery is used.

As we all know, batteries naturally drain power and if allowed to go flat, may never regain their full power. This product is a solar powered battery maintainer and charger for 12V batteries and helps manage battery drain in all season. The solar charger converts light energy from the sun into 12 volt DC electricity which is then transported to the rechargeable batteries through lead wire and connector of choice. It can be used for cars, 4WD’s, trucks, motorcycle, marine, boats, farm equipment or any application where a 12v battery is used.

The high efficient solar panel allows to absorb a wider spectrum of the sun light, as long as there is sufficient sunlight available, the charger will generate an electrical current to trickle charge battery. The charger will not damage or over charge your battery, similarly, a blocking reverse diode ensures the charger can’t drain your battery. Please note the charger is designed to top-up battery charger as a result of natural drainage instead of continuous and quick charging .


How Solar WorksHow Solar Works

How Solar Charger Works

Solar panel generates electricity and tricklely flow to battery, keep it topped off in all season.

Temperature, Sunlight, Atomosphere are the main factors affect the performance of solar panel

All solar panels are tested under international stander test condition(STC): 25℃, 1000W/㎡, AM1.5

No shadow on solar panel

Renewable Battery Charger & Maintainer

Solar Charge Anywhere

Batteries naturally drain power and go flat, may never regain full power, the solar charger generates electrical current to trickle keep battery topped off as long as there is sunlight avaible.

Works with solar power, keep your battery topped off in all season.

High effecient crystalline solar panel, works better in sunlight

Built-in diodbe to prevent reverse charging, no drain of your battery

Universal goden finger connect, quick and easy to conenct and disconnect,plug and play

Upgraded abs frame, stronger and more durable, buit for years.

Covered with tempered solar glasses, high light transmittane,stand high loads

Low maintenace, portable and light weight

4 suction cups for easy mounting; 2 interchangable clamps and cigarette cables for more applications

SAE Connector

SAE Connector

Cigarette Lighter Sockets

Cigarette Lighter Sockets

Led Test Bulb

Led Test Bulb

Battery Clamp Cable

Battery Clamp Cable

One-way Quick Connector

The connector is one way to connect and disconnect, no need to recognize positive or negative, simple and easy to use.

Cigarette Lighter Scoket

Plug the cigarette lighter to socket when use it to charge or maintain vehicle’s battery, really plug and play.

LED Test Bulb

The led indicator was specifically designed to check the solar charger if it is fine, it will lights up asps tthe solar charger is working.

Battery Clamps

Use the red and black battery clamps to charge and maintain 12v battery, make sure they connect correctly.

[Charge Anywhere] The solar charger converts light energy from sun into 12 volt DC electricity and charge batteries. The charger will generate electricity current to trickle charge battery as long as there is sufficient sunlight available. US Patent Pending!
[Charger & Maintainer] The product is a solar powered battery charger and maintainer, safely charges and maintains Wet, Gel, SLA, AGM and Deep Cycle batteries, etc. Also, perfect for any cars, motorcycle, boat, marine, tractor, RV, Powersports, snowmobile, truck, etc.
[Reverse Protection] The solar charger will not damage or over charge your battery, similarly, built-in blocking diode prevents reverse discharge, make sure no drain of your battery.
[Durable & Strong] Covered with premium strong solar glass which could stand high loads, as well as durable upgraded ABS frame, well built for years!
[Low Maintenance]The kit is really easy to install even for those have no professional knowledge, plug and play. There is no additional much maintenance to the kit, no electricity cost, totally environment friendly! Extended 12 months warranty + Lifetime technical support.

Price: $39.95
(as of May 23,2020 09:15:23 UTC – Details)

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