Scent Diffuser for Large Area Aroma Diffuser Scented Oil Machine, HVAC Aromatherapy Fragrance Waterless Essential Oil Scent Diffuser for Home with Timer, 2500 sq ft Coverage, MyScent 230

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Product Description

Aroma fragrance diffuser


Scent is a fantastic way to express yourself, reduce stress, enhance happiness, give your memory a boost, increase your energy, sleep better, and uncover a host of other benefits. This machine will change the way you think about scents and reveal a multitude of ways to use in your home or business. Simply add your favorite scents and transform your space into whatever you want it to be. The scent machine allows you to easily tailor your scent experience to your preferences and your space. With unique cold-air diffusion technology, this diffuser scents your environment subtly and consistently while preserving the quality of your essential oils.

Scent Branding

Commercial scenting help to create an emotional connection with customers by creating lasting impressions, memories, and multi-sensory responses, all while increasing energy, inspiring brand loyalty, and improving sales. We’ll work with you to find, or formulate, the fragrance that will help you achieve your business objectives.


small sized diffuser for hvac system scent machine

front opening door 200ml essential oil

wall mount mounted diffuser


Cold-Air Diffusion

Built on the world’s most advaced scent diffusion technology

All our scent diffusers adopt the new an innovative two-fluid cold air atomization technology; the high-speed collision of cold air hits aroma oil into nanoscale mist, the machine sprays the mist out of the atomizer, the scent flows along through the air or is released into the HVAC ducts, sending a consistent and balanced scent to all desired areas.


This technology preserves the integrity of your aroma and essential oils so you can get the most olfactive and therapeutic benefits without the use of water, heat, evaporation, or diluting the oils in alcohol or other carrier fluids. It can spread around with the slightest airflow, ensuring the diffusibility of your fragrance oil.leaves no residue on surfaces.Easy 24/7 timer setting for scent intensity and hours of operation.

FILLING THE OIL BOTTLE – No mixing or diluting with water, carrier oils or alcohol is required. Simply fill the bottle with what nature created and enjoy!

fragrance oil diffuser

air freshener fragrance spray

air freshener fragrance spray

aroma oil

timer setting fragrance diffuser

timer setting fragrance diffuser

Unplug the machine from the outlet and open the front cover.

Remove the oil bottle and turn the atomizer counterclockwise to take if off the bottle.

Step 3

Add your favorite pure essential or aroma oil in the bottle, tighten the atomizer on the bottle clockwise and put the bottle into the device.

Step 4

Connect power and set up timer and your device will run automatically everyday according to schedule.


how to connect diffuser to hvac ac central heating and cooling ventialation air conditioning system

how to connect diffuser to hvac ac central heating and cooling ventialation air conditioning system

HVAC scenting is when a scent is diffused through a central heating and cooling system. This is accomplished by connecting an HVAC scent diffuser to an existing HVAC system where it then disperses the aroma throughout your home or business. Diffusing scent through your HVAC system provides powerful, even, and efficient scenting throughout large spaces.

Choosing the right fragrance isn’t enough. A scent is only as powerful as the system that diffuses it. Get the most from your fragrance with Scent Décor’s high-performance scent delivery systems. Designed with your goals in mind. With our range you can scent any size space with equipment that requires low maintenance and built to last.

COVERAGE 2500 sq. ft. 4000 sq. ft. 20,000 sq. ft. INSTALLATION Desktop, free-standing, wall-mounted, HVAC connected Desktop, free-standing, wall-mounted, HVAC connected HVAC connected BOTTLE CAPACITY 200ml 500ml 500ml*2 (1000ml, 2l, 5l, 10l options)l CONSUMPTION 1-2ml/hour 3ml/hour 8ml/hour NOISE LEVEL <35dB <20dB <60dB DIMENSIONS 6.9″L x 2.8″D x 7.3″H 15.4″L x 4.3»D x 15.2″H 14.4″L x 6.1»D x 7.1″H WEIGHT 4.2lb 19lb 22lb MATERIAL Metal Metal Metal

✔️Covers Up to 2500 square feet – Our Second Generation Patented Atomization Technology achieves 3 times the performance of similar sized diffusers from competitors. Cold-Air Diffusion means No water, no heat, no dilution, and no residues!

✔️Compatible with any pure diffuser grade essential oils and aroma oil blends of your choice – we don’t tie you down to using only our oils, and no need for the expensive monthly fragrance subscriptions touted by other brands.

✔️Intelligent Timer – Super easy setup, adjustable fragrance intensity and hours of operations. It allows you schedule up to 5 working events with a 7-day timer program to work automatically every day IMPORTANT: This is not a plug and play device; you MUST carefully follow steps in the instruction manual to properly set the timer, using 24 hours time (or military time), for diffuser to work according to schedule.

✔️200ml large capacity and easy to install/refill fragrance oil bottle -No measuring, pouring, mixing, refilling and refilling. Just fill your favorite essential oil in the bottle, attach bottle to diffuser (set your run and off times – one time setup only) and you’re done!

✔️It can stand freely, conveniently mounted on the wall, or ideally connected to your HVAC/AC system – DIY HVAC installation instructions included in product manual

✔️All-Metal shell with acrylic front panel for elegance and durability – the <30dB low noise level will effectively blend with the ambient noises in your living room or commercial environments creating a unique and inviting ambiance all while you enjoy maximum therapeutic benefits from your undiluted essential oils.

✔️Our diffusers and fragrance oils are used in hotels, casinos, resorts, conference facilities, retail stores, sports and fitness centers, spas, yoga studios, health care facilities, residential buildings, private residences and more

Price: $243.00
(as of Feb 25, 2022 10:05:09 UTC – Details)

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