LZH FILTER 100W/150W UV Germicidal Light Removable High Power Ultraviolet Lamp Car Disinfection Air Ozone UVC Light + Remote Control Timer, Hospital School Factories and Others, Large-Areas Use,150W

Price: $338.15
(as of Apr 15,2020 21:58:50 UTC – Details)

Pay Attention
Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can damage eyes and skin, and prolonged exposure to ozone can damage human respiratory tract.
When disinfecting, the door must be closed and both people and pets must be outside the door
Wait for 40 minutes after ozone disinfection, then open the door to enter

The difference beween Ozone and No-Ozone!
▶Ozone-free: UV rays are extended in a straight line. If they are blocked by objects, there is no sterilization in places where UV rays are not exposed.
▶Contains ozone: Ozone has the function of sterilization and disinfection, which can cover the entire room, is not affected by obstacles, and realizes dead-end antivirus

Product:Disinfection lamp
Mode:UV/UV + Ozone
Voltage: 110V-240V
Rated power:100W/150W
Application area: 100-150㎡
Working time:15min/30min/60min
Power cord length: 150cm
Recommended use: twice a week, 30-60 minutes per time

◆ Very safe to use:3 gear timing function and 30s delay tiing,needn’t worry about forgotten turning off UV light cause hurt and radiation
◆ With Ozone: ozone is a gas that has the function of sterilization and disinfection, even if it is an object blocking, the gas is also distributed throughout the room without being affected by obstacles
◆ Applicable scene:For Health Use for Home,Loft,Office,Factory,School,Restaurant,Clinic,Hospital,Basement,,Mall, And othersBig aera place
◆ Very important:this device will emits very strong UVC light , it will harmful your health , so please don’t stay together with this light , when it turn on (include your pet , plant and others

Price: $338.15
(as of Apr 15,2020 21:58:50 UTC – Details)

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