GTB New Metal Front Wheel Hydraulic Brake System Kit with Steel Disc for 1:5 Scale RC 1/5 Gas Car HPI Rovan KM Baja 5b 5t ss 5sc

(as of Apr 22,2021 17:22:24 UTC – Details)

GTB new CNC front wheel brake hydraulic oil / hydraulic brakes For HPI BAJA 5B/5T/5SC
innovative design
Easy to use
CNC precision production
This section front wheel hydraulic brakes, dual piston design, XL porous disc brake cooling, flat precision 0.005mm. Highly efficient braking.
1: calipers combined caliper cover three-dimensional design, so the whole is more dynamic fashion.
2: caliper piston seal with double seals by a Y-shaped O-ring seals and a combination hydraulically sealed to prevent excessive pressure when braking and leak, causing brake failure.
3: Optional brake pads use high temperature, wear-resistant epoxy fiber composite material made of CNC, parallelism 0.05mm, effective control of the gap.

4: The brake discs in the past we used carbon fiber production, due to the uneven surface error is large, we use the high-carbon steel flat grinding, control parallelism within 0.005mm, prompting a smooth combination of friction between the brake pads and brake system disc move to increase the braking force and arc-shaped slot design approach, increasing friction and ventilation, reduce friction and heat deformation.
5: The entire system has seven hydraulic fittings connected together, connected to the main pump 3 through the taps, CNC custom
6:3 of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance tubing is the lifeline of the entire system.

7: GTB brakes the brake master key parts are dual piston pump seal design, a combination of two seals together.
The main pump combination, cover with an empty nut design, the effective exclusion of air inside, enhanced braking force.

Front Wheel Hydraulic Brake Complete Set for HPI Baja 5b 5t ss 5sc (Steel disc is black color)
2 Generation Innovtation design
Easy to assembly and use
CNC Precision production
Package:1set in a box

(as of Apr 22,2021 17:22:24 UTC – Details)

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