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DEVIVAE RC Cars 005 High Speed Remote Control Car for Kids Adults 1:18 Scale 36 KM/H 4X4 Off Road Monster Trucks, 2.4GHz All Terrain Electric Toy with 2 Batteries, 50 Mins Play Gift for Boy Girl

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Product Description

1:18 scale rc truck off-road toy car

Please turn on the controller first, then the car, to make sure they are paired successfully.If the car lights blink, it means the pair is not successfully done or the car’s and controller’s battery is low. You need to charge the battery first before running.Using the throttle to control the car to move forward, and let it go, then use it to control the car to move backward. If you miss the “let it go” step, the car will be in a brake condition and can not move backward.If you can not make the car turn, please use the original screwdriver to loosen the 2 screws on the front 2 tires a little bit.Any questions please let us know, we are at your service any time!

4 metal shock absobers, independent suspension ensures a stable and sleek running

wide open sleek and solid chassis

metal heat sink prolong the motor life and quick heat disspation

Metal Ringed Shocks

4 wheel independent suspension keeps high-speed RC truck ready for all-terrain, as you are blasting around mud, sand, or yard. Adjustable spring shocks enable themselves to increase or decrease the friction or traction the car demands. The 4-wheel independent suspension delivers a real-world driving experience for maximum fun and high-speed thrills.

Shaft Drive Sleek Chasis

Metal drive shaft unleashes extreme monster truck fun with the speed and style that DEVIVAE can deliver. The unmatched versatility and stability makes this car drive harder, go faster and hang tougher.

380 High-performance Motor

The aggressive 380 motor delivers exciting mod-motor power output with long-lasting performance. Grab a fistful of throttle and this motor delivers massive torque to wheelie on command. RC race truck puts you in the driver’s seat for high-flying off-road action

7.4V 1300MAH rechargeable battery creates 50 mins+ play time

differential created a stable turn

hobby grade rc cars

2 Rechargeable Batteries

With 2* 7.4V 1300Mah high-capacity batteries (one in the car, the other is supplied as a spare part in the box), this toy vehicle provides an extended play time for 50 minutes. And the low battery voltage cutoff which is introduced to this car to prevent over-discharged battery packs, strengthen the safety for kids while enjoying the driving.

Impressive Differential

The front and back differential is purpose-built to rip full-throttle through the turns. It makes a difference in the speed of the left and right wheels to ensure the stability and fast speed when turning.

Waterproof ESC

The splash waterproof Electronic Speed Control comes standard with three drive profiles, over-current protection, thermal shutdown protection, and anti-blocked protection that minimizes risks of burnt motors.

front and back bumper protects the car from crashing and damage

ABS material for the shell ensures a durable and transformable appearance

3 wires servo gives the car a powerful turn drive

Exquisite Bumper Design

The front and rear anti-collision design makes an exquisite car appearance, and also ensures a stronger car body, which protects the car from the damage brought by collisions or crashing during running.

High-quality Car Shell

The car shell is made of PVC material which is soft and has strong heat resistance, toughness and ductility. Besides, it also has a strong moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. No matter how the car is crashing, no matter which terrain it runs, this shell is not easily deformed or damaged.

High-torque Steering Servo

Proportional Metal steering servo implements low noise and more precise steering angle. The upgraded performance appears in the improved response, tension, and accuracy. Light while durable and responsive. This high-torque steering servo which is put into 005 car is for unstoppable climbing, roosting, and monster performance!

ready-to-race rampage 4wd all-terrian high-speed car

package list

as a gift

Package List:

1* RC Car1* Controller2* Batteries1* Screwdriver1* USB Cable1* User Manual1* Packing Box1* Small Cross Wrench4* Extra Body Clips


Size: inDrive System: 4WDFrequency: 2.4GhzCharging Time: about 2.5h (5V 2/3A charger)Control Distance: 100mRunning Time: 225minsCar Battery: 7.4V 1300MahControl Battery: 3 1.5V AAA battery (not included)


Fully charged the battery before driving Take out the battery in both controller and car if not driving for a long time Tear all the warning paper off before driving Do not touch the motor after driving when it gets hot

🚙【Speedy and Wild】This RC car for adults ensures an authentic easy and fun driving experience with faster speeds, legendary durability, and low-maintenance design. The powerful 380 motor and high-current Electronic Speed Control deliver lightning-fast acceleration and incredible max 36km/h performance. On-road or off-road, the sleek chassis keeps weight down low for prompt handling and breakneck speed.

🚙【Conquer and Venture】The exclusive waterproof electronics allow this remote control rampage truck to blast through puddles, grass, mud, and shred snow, make even the wildest all-weather adventures possible. The adjustability offered by the turnbuckles, shock absorber, front and rear hubs makes this monster vehicle ready for any terrain you can throw at it. The innovative technology and budget-friendly price bring RC fun to a new level. Your RC adventures are limited only by your imagination.

🚙【Compete and Control】Devivae 1:18 scale 4WD high-speed RC car comes out of the box already assembled with a 2.4 GHz radio system and high-torque digital steering servo, which allow complete max 100m control and good anti-jamming capability, enabling you to navigate around, through, and over obstacles with ease. With all that power at your disposal, this electrical buggy’s design effortlessly channels it into serious 4WD fun.

🚙【Flexible and Secure】Other additional features include anti-slip tires, smoothly operated differentials, solid steering rack, 4 independent shock absorbers, and lightweight metal center driveshaft provide added traction and offer extra control, brings a smoother and safer drive

🚙【Discover a Whole New Level of Fun】2 durable capacity batteries prolong your fun to 50mins; Run through the night with an LED light bar that adds realistic off-road looks and function. You now have the flexibility to drive day or night, whenever you want. Let’s step up to genuine DEVIVAE quality and performance, get your own Ready-to-Run package right now!

(as of – Details)