CARTMAN Tool Set 168Pcs Orange, General Household Hand Tool Kit with Plastic Toolbox, Electrician’s Tools in Storage Case

Price: $69.99
(as of Feb 29,2020 04:04:31 UTC – Details)

Set includes: 9pcs of Hex Key Wrenches : 1/16-5/64-3/32-1/8-5/32-3/16-1/4-5/16-3/8
12pcs of 1/4-inch 6-point Drive Sockets : 5/32-3/16-7/32-1/4-9/32-5/16-11/32-3/8-13/32-7/16-15/32-1/2
10pcs of 3/8-inch 6-point Drive Sockets: 5/16-3/8-7/16-15/32-1/2-9/16-19/32-5/8-11/16-3/4
10 pcs of Screwdriver Bit: Phillips Bit: #0, #1, #2, #3; Slotted Bit:#4,#5,#6; T15,T20,AD
20 pcs of 1/4-inch Screwdriver Bit. Star Drive Bit: T10, T15, T20, T25, T30; Pozi Bit:PZ1, PZ2; Square Bit:S1,S2,S3; Phillips Bit: #0, #1, #2, #3; Slotted Bit: 3,4,5,6,7 and AD.
2 pcs of 6.5-inch Long Nose Plier
1pc of 8-inch Diagonals Cutting Plier
1pc of 7-inch Adjustable Wrench
1pc of 11-inch Rip Claw Hammer
1pc of 6-inch Utility Knife
1pc of 10-inch Saw with another two blades
1pc of 10Feet Measure Tape Rule
4 pcs of Nylon spring clamps
1 set of Wood Screw Assortment Kit
6 pcs of Combination Wrench : 5/16,3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8
1pc of 3/8-inch Drive by 8-Inch Polished Quick Release Ratchet, 72-Tooth Oval Head
5 pcs of Precision Screwdriver:Slotted: 2.4, 2.0; Phillips: 2.4 , 2.0, 3.0
2 pcs of Stubby Screwdriver Set:(Slotted&Phillips) Magnetized Tip
2 pcs of long handle Screwdriver Set:(Slotted&Phillips) Magnetized Tip
1pc of PVC Insulating Tape: 30 feet
1 pc of 5/8-inch (16mm) Deep Socket plus
1pc of 6.5-inch Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimper for 10-22 AWG Stranded Wire Cutting
1 pc of Torpedo Level
1 pc of Socket Adaptor (2.4inch)
1 pc of Bit Holder with loose and tight switching
PLEASE NOTE: When opening the toolbox, place the Cartman logo on it.

Unisex 168-Piece Hand Tools Kit – Ideal for home and garage repairs
Heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion
Securely housed in a handy blow molded case
All tools meet or exceed ANSI critical standards
Contains the tools needed for most small repairs around the house

Price: $69.99
(as of Feb 29,2020 04:04:31 UTC – Details)

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