1/24 2.4GHz battle tank series U.S Sherman M4A3 tank

Price: $145.95
(as of Jun 03,2020 17:57:51 UTC – Details)

Product Description ★ Faithfully reproduced in 1/24 scale tanks M4A3 Sherman in a symbol of the United States of the Second World War ◆ Painted assemble finished goods, RTB of transceiver accessories (ready-to-Battle) model ◆ Faithfully reproduce the detail down to the smallest detail, high-quality model which has been subjected to weathering finish ◆ Infrared battle system mounted, tank battle of incandescent can be enjoyed by the life count system ※ VS TANK series with possible competition ◆ 3 stages of the speed and the main gun of power according to the model, firing range has been set (advanced battle system) adopted ◆ Mobile sound / speed by the change running sound / turret rotation noise (brake sound) / main gun firing sound / machine gun firing sound / engine cut sound sampling from all vehicle ◆ Adopt 2.4GHz transmitter. Operable distance is up to 50m of margin

Scale: 1/24 scale
Transmitter: 2.4GHz 4ch (mode 1 specification)
Overall length: 243mm / full width: 109mm / Height: 115mm
Contents: ○ tank body (pre-assembled the finished painting) ○ 2.4GHz transmitter ○ shooting target ○ Accessory Parts (commander × 1 · preliminary caterpillar other) ○ Japanese manual
※ Separately, the main power supply 6 / transmitter power AA batteries AA batteries 4 / shooting target requires 2 AAA batteries

Price: $145.95
(as of Jun 03,2020 17:57:51 UTC – Details)

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