ZIYUMR PUBG Mobile Game Controller, Shooting Assist Button, Mobile Trigger, Mobile Game Joystick L1R1 for 4-6.5 inch Android and Other Smart Phone (Red)

(as of Sep 30,2023 13:21:33 UTC – Details)

Product Details:
ZIYUMR PUBG Mobile gamepad Controller is the latest shooting assist button, an innovative miniature,
portable design that can be placed in the pocket ! Compatible with most popular mobile games on the market,
designed for shooting games and fighting games! The product is beautiful, light and portable, practical and affordable,
and it is an artifact for home travel!

Product advantages:
1. You can carry it in your pocket!
2. Start the game anytime, anywhere.
3. Simple operation and light weight.
4. The button is sensitive, feels comfortable and has a strong sense of impact.
5. Supports most 4.5-6.5 inch iPhone / Android smartphones, compatible with most mobile games.
6. Use this PUBG mobile gamepad to let you defeat all your opponents and become the king of the game!

1. Click the «Settings» button;
2. Go to the Settings Panel, select Controller Settings, and click Custom Panel.
3. Increase the size of the «shoot» button and move to the upper left corner of the screen, and move the «Aim» button in the upper right corner of the screen.
4. Install the motion controller and adjust the conductive silicon head on the “Restore” and “Aim” buttons.
Tips: Our PUBG mobile game controller is a light-weight portable game controller. It can be assembled, if you find that a part will fall out (probability),

you can reinstall it, it does not affect the use, please know,don’t be surprised,thank you!

Material: ABS
Weight: 40g
Packing list:
1 * PUBG Mobile game Controller
【Easy operation】: Just open the phone and set up the game in a few simple steps! More flexible than some large gamepads, you can play the game no matter what the circumstances, beat all opponents to become the game of king!

【Highly sensitive】: Do not block the screen, do not affect the game map, the game is barrier-free. With the phone controller, you can turn on the telescope and fire at the same time, without any delay! This eliminates the hassle of doing all the operations with just the thumb.

【Supported devices and games】: Applicable to all models of 4.5-6.5-inch iPhone / Android phones. Suitable for a variety of shooting games, including PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Knives Out, survival rules, survivors royal, big escape, important actions, etc.

【Good customer service】: We provide 24 hours of customer service and high quality products to provide you with a good shopping environment and experience. If you are confused, please feel free to contact us!

(as of Sep 30,2023 13:21:33 UTC – Details)

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