Wall Mounted Electric Heater,120V500W Convector Heater,Infrared Space Panel Heater for Home Bedroom Bathroom Office, Ideal for 150Sq Ft Room, Energy Efficient, Child Safe, Crack Resistant

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Product Description

Wall Mount Heater for Basement, Bedroom bathroom and Living room. ALL MOUNTED INFRARED ELECTRIC HEATER: Our DUOLANG wall heater emits infrared rays that warms you directly,as well as distributing the heated air through convection.

It provides instant and ambient warmth and can achieve up to 98% efficiency. Compared with ordinary heaters, our panel heater warms you up more rapidly,instead of gradually heating the surrounding air and letting it circulate throughout the entire room.

Crack Resistant Flat Panel Heater:Adopted carbon crystal panels as heating elements, our wall panel heater is more durable than other conventional heaters. Its surface is waterproof and scratch resistant. 2020 NEW &

IMPROVED : Can be Painted: The exterior casing of this Heater can be painted.

We recommend using a no-odor, water-based, no VOC paint of any color to match or enhance the décor of any room. Our panel heater has an internal overheat protection function.

when there is any object (such as curtains, clothes) covering the heater, And when the temperature reaches 250°F, the protection function will be turned on and the power will be cut off automatically!

It is a great choice for the elderly and children’s rooms! NO NOISE, NO FANS, NO VENTS! For pet frequented areas, it won’t circulate hair around the room!

There is NO FAN, which makes our heater ideal for Asthma or Allergy sufferers, and will help prevent congestion & heat irritation, as well as dust accumulation.

Perfect for babies, children & adults! Please note:

  1. It is strictly prohibited to cover anything on it when the wall heater is working.

  2. When turn on the wall heater, please check whether the switch button is off. If the switch button is on, it may cause excessive current when it starts to work.Please make sure that the switch has been turned off the before using it!

3.Before using the wall heater, please tear off the blue film on the back!

Wattage: 500W Volts: 120V Room Capacity: Up to 150 Sq. Ft. Dimensions: 27.56 x 23.62x 0.87 inch Net Weight:7.27 Pound Cord Length: 1.9 meters FCC Approved RoHS compliant

Infrared Heating Technology

Heat your room instantly.
Like being exposed to the sun, you will feel comfortable.
Far Infrared Therapy-Good for your health.
Maintain natural humidity in the air.


Mark all 4 position holes on the wall from the template .
Drill the pilot holes for the drywall anchors.
Screw the drywall anchor into each pilot hole.
Secure the four mounting legs to the wall by using the screws.
Align the holes on the heater unit with the mounting legs.
Firmly screw in the four legs.
Finalize the position of the heater on the wall while tightening the screws.

EASY MOUNT : It is recommended that you check this instruction during installation to make it easier. A drill is also included in our package!

DUOLANG heater

The heater has a switch button

The back of the heater

Save Your Money

Our high-efficiency space heater can cut your energy bill in half. Take less than 1/3 of the electricity to run than conventional space heaters.
Warm your room without heating the whole house.Most efficient in a 150 sq. ft. room.

Unique switch button DUOLANG heater have added a switch button . When you leave the room, you can press the button to turn off the panel heater without unplugging the power supply.

NOTE: After you connect to the power supply, please turn on the switch button. When the switch is lit, it means that the heater is working normally! Stronger Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frame make it stronger and has longer service life
Has better insulation
Easy to installation
No heat lost into walls.
Protect your wall behind the heater panel. No marks on your wall.

【HEALTHY HEATING】With no fan required, DUOLANG convection heater warms your room without any noise and dust. Ideal for asthma or allergy suffers. Also won’t dry air out. Enjoy a great sleep during winter. Even during the heating process, it will not produce any smell, No stinks!Perfect for all indoor rooms, including bathroom, bedrooms, office, garage, and RV.
【The Latest Version in 2020】The exterior casing of this Heater can be painted. We recommend using a no-odor, water-based, no VOC paint of any color to match or enhance the décor of any room. Added a switch button control . When you leave the room, press the button to turn off the panel heater without unplugging the power supply.
【SAFE AND EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY】This electric wall heater operates at a constant temperature persistently. It ignites with minimal radiant heat which transmits to convection currents that rise from behind the heating panel and circulates heated air around the room.Using the latest waterproof technology, it can be used in the bathroom, splash water! It also has automatically cut off overheating protect to increase the security of using.
【SAVE UP YOUR HOME HEATING COSTS】DUOLANG wall mount heater are a worthy option if you are ready to use your wall mount heater for a long period of time. It is very cost efficient to run, costing just a few cents per hour. Our electric heater can help less up to 50% heating cost rather than causing unexpectedly huge heating bills! You pay is totally worthy.
【PANEL HEATER SPECS】500 Watts, 1706 BTU, 120 Volts, 4.17 Amps. Most efficient in a 150 sq. ft. room. Measures 27.56 x 23.62x 0.87 inches. 7.27 pounds. We offer a 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty!Please rest assured to buy! For healthy consideration of every family member, DUOLANG panel heater is your first choice.

(as of Nov 27,2022 08:19:57 UTC – Details)

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