Space Heater -1500W Portable Heater with 4 wheels, 3 Heating Modes, Tip-Over and Overheat Protection, Quiet, Timer, Adjustable Thermostat, Remote Control Electric Heater for Warming Up the Home/Office

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Product Description

REMOTE CONTROL The room heater will come with a multi-function remote control. You can adjust temperature in a distance without moving constantly.

The adjustable thermostat system of the space heater will automatically cycle on and off to let your room maintain at a comfortable temperature.

space, heater, indoor, portable, electric, quiet, tip-over, overheating protection, child proof

OVERHEAT POWER-OFF There is a built-in overheat shut-off in the heater. When an internal component reaches the certain temperature degree at about 105°F, which possibly rises fire, the infrared heater will automatically shut off. TIP-OVER SHUT-OFF TRUSTECH space heater for indoor use is designed with a tip-over shut off safety feature.

space, heater, indoor, portable, electric, quiet, tip-over, overheating protection, child proof

Once the space heater is tipped over by accident, the room heater will automatically shut off. It requires you to reset it on the surface again so that you can restart. A safer choice for your family.

TRUSTECH Digital Electric Heater

【FAST WARM UP & 3 SETTING MODES 】 The electric heater maximum power is up to 1500 watts, which helps to heat up your cold dorm or office in a very short time. And it features 3 heat settings (Hight, Low, Eco) to allow you tailor heat output and energy consumption, simple adjustable thermostat envelops the room in comfortable warmth. Also ECO setting can adjust the room temperature and heat settings automatically to optimize energy consumption.

【COMPREHENSIVE SAFETY PROTECTION SYSTEM】 It’s equipped with 3 forms of protection. A tip-over switch will shut it off if it falls, as will an overheat switch if it gets too hot(over 105℉). Moreover, the remote can lock the control panel and prevent it from being controlled by children in mistake. comprehensive to provide worry-free use.

【12 HOURS TIMER & QUIET ROOM HEATER 】This room heater comes with 12-hour timer that you can program when you’d like the radiator to turn on and off each today, makes sure that you don’t leave it on accidentally, which is a positive for making your experience safer. Along with that, It is whisper-quiet, ideal for anyone looking to use a space heater in their bedroom.

【PORTABLE & CONVENIENT FOR STORE】 11 x 10 x 14.9 in. The portable heater has 4-wheel design. You can place portable space heater in any room or move from the floor to the table easily. No more concern about taking up too much space in a crowded place. Whether you stay at living room or bedroom, it can accompany you. A perfect space heater for office and a thoughtful gift for your family & friends to meet the freezing winter.

【LED DISPLAY & REMOTE CONTROL】 The electric heater has a LED display screen and comes with a wireless remote control, which allows you to manage the power, heat setting, temperature, and timer. Easy to operate your space heater from the comfort of your bed. You also won’t have to bend over to adjust any settings.

(as of UTC – Details)

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