Mini Space Heater & Air Circulator 2 In 1 – Portable Electric Fan & Heater Combo -Vintage Carry Handle -Small Personal Home Floor Office Space Cooler & Ceramic Heater W/Tip Over & Overheat Protection…

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MINI SPACE HEATER & AIR COOLER ONE DEVICE FOR ALL SEASONSThis Device helps you save Money because now you don’t need to buy separate 2 Devices: Heater & Air-Condition – our Mini Fan heater & Cooler is 2 in 1: during hot Summer Months, you can use cool Fan Mode & enjoy circulation of fresh, pure, cool Airflow & when Weather gets colder, you can use heating Mode (low or high) to create in your House or Office your personal Comfort Zone.MAIN FEATURESPOWERFUL WITH 3 MODES:

  • High heating 1500W – maximum Heat, good for cold Winter Nights & Days
  • Low heating 850W – could be best for Autumn & Spring time
  • Cool Fan 5W – economy cooling in hot Summer Time.

ENERGY EFFICIENT – thanks to streamlined Air Flow Design & PTC ceramic heating Element it needs only 1c for quick heat-upSUPER QUIET- in working Mode it produces only 40-45dB, which will not disturb your SleepSAFE – Tip-Over & Overheat protection Switch will engage when tilt Angle is bigger or equal to 30°, so if your Space Heater is tipped over or gets overheated Power to Device will be automatically cut-off to prevent AccidentsAIR PURIFIER – Indoor use Heater & Cooler has built in Filter, which gives you ability to have fresh & purified Air in your Room year roundPORTABLE IN RETRO DESIGN – Space Heater & Cooler has elegant vintage Handle, allowing you to take it wherever you need itCOMPACTPackage Dimensions 11.1”x7.4”x7.4”/16×13.5×23.9cmItem Weight: 3 lb./1.36 KgNOTE:Please don’t cover Heater while it’s operating.

PACKAGE INCLUDES:1 Portable Electric Space Heater w/ power cable1 User ManualWARRANTYWe are so confident that our 2 in 1 space fan heater is manufactured w/ strict quality Standards that we can provide our Customers 30 Days Warranty w/ Replacement or Full RefundMake it real for you and press ‘ADD TO CART’ to have comfortable Temperature in your Home or Office ALL YEAR AROUND!

COOL FAN & HEATER COMBO – This Mini Fan heater & Cooler has 3 Modes [Cool Fan – Low – High Heat] to choose from, allowing you to set and maintain a comfortable Temperature YEAR ROUND, your personal Comfort Zone. Cool Fan Function will help you to cool down during the hot Summer Days & PTC ceramic heating Element with the smart self-regulating Function will automatically adjust its projected Air to heat your Room, maintaining & keeping stable your chosen Temperature during the cold Winter

POWERFUL & SUPER QUIET our small Heater & fan has Power of 1500W & is equipped w/ efficient PTC ceramic heating Element. It doesn’t consume Oxygen, so air doesn’t become dry. Thanks to streamlined Airflow design, it only needs 1 second for quick heat-up & then wide-range heat Projection will evenly distribute warm Air to warm or (if you’re in cool fan Mode) cool down your Room. Despite its Power it’s very quiet – while operating it only produces 40-45dB & can be used in Bedroom

ABSOLUTELY SAFE – TIP-OVER & OVERHEAT PROTECTION – to make Mini Fan Heater & Cooler safe, flame retardant & fireproof ABS V0 Materials were used in manufacturing & all Components meet 3C Standard. It’s equipped w/ Tip-Over & Overheat protection Mechanism ensures Heater will work only when it’s standing vertically on solid flat surface & will instantly shut off if it’s tipped over or is overheated. This Mechanism will defend you from Hazards & you can calmly enjoy warm or cool Air Flow
COMPACT PORTABLE IN ELEGANT RETRO DESIGN – our Space Heater & Cooler has a stylish vintage Handle that you can use to easily move your Small Electric Heater & Fan wherever you need it: in Camping Tent or Greenhouse, at Home as a Room Fan for cooling whole Room, Kitchen or Bedroom, or during the cold Season next to your Chair or under your Table as a Foot Heater, or at Work as a personal Heater on or under your Office Desk.

AIR PURIFIER FUNCTION– an additional Benefit of Indoor use Heater & Cooler is that it has a built in back Filter that incoming Air passes through, with only purified Air being circulated & heating or cooling your Room. This Mini Fan Heater & Air Circulator allows you to have purified Air of your chosen Temperature throughout all Seasons.

(as of UTC – Details)

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