Mini Claw Machine For Kids – The Claw Toy Grabber Machine is Ideal for Children and Parties, Fill with Small Toys and Candy – Claw Machines Feature LED Lights, Loud Sound Effects and Coins

Price: $49.99
(as of Jul 03,2020 20:38:22 UTC – Details)

We’ve all tried our luck at grabbing a favorite candy or toy from the big claw machine in the local arcade or fair. Well, now you can have hours of entertainment and see what you can grab with The Mini Toy Grabber Claw Machine at the convenience of your own home.

It fits great on any table, counter, or bar top in your home, business, or classroom. Test your skills by filling the toy machine with party favors for kids, candy, gum or small toys , then use the controls to move the grabbing mechanism forward and backward, left and right and up and down while the music plays.

Whether you’re hosting a party or simply enjoying family bonding time, you will definitely lose track of time with this miniature claw machine. Kids can develop patience, confidence and creativity, and improve their hand eye coordination all while having fun.

Can you grab a prize before the music stops? Don’t be distracted and keep your eye on the prize. The Claw Machine works just like the popular arcade game and is a game of challenge and skill with easy to follow steps:

  1. Insert provided coin:Once your coin or token is in the machine the music starts playing.
  2. Use the 3 joystick controls:When you have the claw over the candy or toy you want lower the claw and grab the treat.
  3. Prize Time:The crane machine delivers the treat through the chute.

    This would be a fun addition to any office, den, or living room, and seem endlessly fun to play with. It is recommended for ages 8 and up. Featuring flashing LED lights and authentic arcade-style music, it’s perfect for birthday parties and makes a fantastic gift for your little loved one. Adults love it too, what would you fill it with?

    The machine requires 3 «D» batteries (not included) and measures 13.5 x 10 x 7.5 (H x L x W). 30 plastic coins are included for play and the dispenser hole measures 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

    MINI ARCADE CLAW MACHINE – enjoy watching the kids gather around this fun prize machine and squeal with joy as they try to GRAB the prizes. It’s hours of fun for children and adults and perfect for parties. You can keep the prize or put it back in the machine for unlimited fun
    FUN, ACTION, LIGHTS, MUSIC – it’s just like a classic candy claw machine at the arcade. Featuring flashing LED lights and authentic arcade machine-style music. An ideal present for kids and grandchildren for their birthday or teachers to fill with classroom prizes
    A GAME OF CHALLENGE AND SKILL – try to grab the claw machine prizes and drop them into the dispenser before the music stops, keep focused on the prize. This mini arcade game is recommended for children aged 8 and up
    WHAT’S INCLUDED – The kids claw machine measures 13.5 x 10 x 7.5 (H x L x W) and includes 30 plastic coins for play. 3 x D batteries are required and not included. The candy machine dispenser hole measures 2.5 x 2.5 inches
    FILL WITH PRIZES – load the tabletop claw game with your choice of small toys, kids party favors, candy and gum. Use the included token coins to activate the crane game, then use the 3 joy control sticks to control the single claw to move it up / down / left and right to pick your prizes

    Price: $49.99
    (as of Jul 03,2020 20:38:22 UTC – Details)

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