Ideas In Life Newtons Cradle Balance Balls Physics Pendulum Science Desk Office Classic Toy

Price: $9.77
(as of Jan 03,2020 18:04:04 UTC – Details)

The Newtons Cradle Balance Ball Toy is a fun demonstration of physics in action. Using the laws of physics, The Newtons cradle five magnetic balance balls each have an effect on how the very last one is hit which in turn plays a repetitive effect until there is no more energy. A classic desktop toy for the executive, office worker, or home.

Desktop version of Newton’s Cradle of Colliding Balls.
Demonstrates the principles of kinetic energy and conservation of momentum.
Contemporary design complements any office or home decor.
Pull back one or more of the balance balls, release them and the same number of balls will swing up on the opposite side. Fascinating to watch!
The Classic Executive Desk Toy.

Price: $9.77
(as of Jan 03,2020 18:04:04 UTC – Details)

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