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Hobby RC Cars, FLYHAL 9135 Pro Remote Control Car RC Cars 30+MPH 45km/h 4WD Professional High Performance 1:16 Scale Fast RC Cars for Adults and Kids RC Off-Road Truck Transparent 2 Batteries

Price: $128.99
(as of Jan 02, 2021 11:08:01 UTC – Details)

Product Description

FLYHAL 9135 Pro Remote Control Car 4WD 45KM / H 1:16 Scale Product Parameter Design your own 9135 PRO! There is a clear and replaceable car shell in the package, you can draw your favorite patterns on the car shell and design your own unique 9135 PRO. 9135 PRO is powered by a well-designed battery pack. Each battery only needs to be charged for 1 hour and you can play for 18 minutes.

Equipping the remote control car with two batteries at the same time, you can play for 36 minutes without interruption. By the way, there are two charging cables in the package, you can charge two batteries at the same time, that means you can play for 40 minutes with only 1 hour of charging. How convenient and useful! Strong power support Equipped with a type 390 high-speed powerful motor that generates a greater horsepower for the RC Truck.

This has made a huge enhancement for the acceleration and it allows the remote control truck to have a top speed of 62 Km/h which give a greater competitiveness in drag race. However, please keep in mind that the speed differs in different terrains. Strong dynamics system, low interference, high power and low noise.

Hydraulic shock absorber 9135 PRO is equipped with four-axis horizontal independent suspension shock absorber. The powerful shock absorber helps to quickly absorb the vibration caused by bumps, so that the remote control car can run smoothly even on rough and uneven roads, thereby greatly improving the stability of the body.

Durable anti-slip rubber tires The soft, shockproof rubber wheels are extremely robust and can allow the car to drive smoothly on any terrains. The specially designed tire pattern makes the rc truck have better abrasion resistance and maintain better grip when racing.

In order to provide better cushioning capacity, we also increased the thickness of the tire. Now, it can withstand most landings without damaging the chassis. Professional strong torque Professional steering gear, three-wire system 17g, 1.8kg pull steering gear, more cost-effective.

[4×4 RC Offroad Car] The FLYHAL 9135 Pro remote control truck has four-wheel drive function and is supported by 4 independent suspensions, which can obtain strong power and provide excellent collision protection, and greatly increase the minimum safe descent height. Provide you with endless exciting entertainment in off-road and highway environments.
[Powerful off-road capability] Using FOC drive system, low-speed torque is large, and it can run smoothly at very low speeds, far exceeding ordinary power systems. Powerful off-road climbing performance is not restricted by the site, whether it is sand, grass or rugged mountain roads, it can drive smoothly.

[Dual battery design] Two batteries can be installed at the same time, which can extend the driving time. The remote control truck is equipped with two 7.4V/500 mAh high-quality rechargeable batteries and two USB chargers. Depending on the operation, it will extend the driving time to more than 32 minutes (about 16 minutes per battery).

[PVC explosion-proof car shell & Additional DIY car shell] This RC off-road car has a PVC explosion-proof car shell and a transparent car shell. The high toughness PVC explosion-proof car shell has strong impact resistance, giving the car a good protection. DIY transparent car shell allows you to have a unique remote control car, making it more playable.

[2.4Ghz Anti-interference Control Toy Car with Led Lights] Adopted 2.4GHz technology, two or more radio controlled toy cars for kids can be racing at about 70 meters distance without signal interference. Pistol grip style transmitter makes the rc car flexibly go forward, backward or turn left, turn right fast. Besides, the bright LED headlights on the front of the remote vehicle not only impresses the cool look, but also makes the remote control car for boys run on the night.

Price: $128.99
(as of Jan 02, 2021 11:08:01 UTC – Details)

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