GJS Robot – GEIO Gaming Robot, App-Connected Program Robotic, STEM Educational Robots for Kids to Learn Coding, 8 Modes in 1(Blue)

Price: $199.99
(as of Feb 29,2020 02:48:35 UTC – Details)

Product Description


GJS Robot – GEIO is the first FPS gaming robot equipped with intelligence recognition system and high-speed motion system. As a pioneer product that combined robot with game, GEIO can bring you the most immersive robotic gaming experience.

Equipped with first person view and machine visual recognition and its high-speed omni-directional wheels and mobile battery, GEIO has excellent mobility and is easy to control!


Not A Robot, But Your Partner

Expression System

GEIO also has emotion like happy, angry and sad, and also can convey his feelings to you.

The robot will be excited after a victory, frustrated after a defeat, and happy at seeing its master.

GEIO is no longer a cold, frigid machine, but rather your witty and loyal partner.

Let GEIO accompany at your side, make you more happier and happier.

GEIO Features

FPV Gaming Experience

Intelligent Recognition

Multiple Gameplays

Extreme Control


AI Emotions

Infrared Attack System

Electronic Scoring System

GEIO Highlights







Visual Recognition and FPV

With leading visual recognition algorithms and the on-board camera, GEIO can identify and automatically target robots, totems and even human faces in a complex environment.

With the first-person view activated in GEIO app you are transported to the battle field of the future. Players can take pictures or record video of actual game play to share with friends.

Motion Chassis Patent

High-speed omni-directional wheels make GEIO capable of rotation 360°and accelerate with lightning speed. These robots are quick, which makes for fast paced play in solo mode or multi-player modes.

Totem System

By scanning totems, GEIO can acquire specific skills which enrichens game modes.

The totem and expression systems create a variety of game modes and fun interactions.

Solo and Multi-Player Modes for Endless Fun


Play in Solo Mode or have the whole neighborhood over for an epic battle in Multi-Player Mode.

Solo Mode:

Race Race – race the clock for the fastest time

Explore Mode – explore your world in Augmented Reality

Drive Mode – Drive your GEIO in ultimate speed

AR Mode – Practice for your next battle against an AI opponent

Programming Mode – build custom movement with Blockly coding in this STEM mode

Multi-Player Mode:

Race Race – race the clock for the fastest time

Battle Mode – Battle one or many opponents in Augmented Reality

Knight Mode – Use the gyro in your smart device to control your GEIO

Treasure Snatch – Use totems in this battle against guardians and snatchers

Exceeds imagination and grants unlimited fun










With programming mode, you can program your GEIO robot with the graphical coding, you can design gaming, improving your logical thinking and creativity in the game.


GEIO has 4 multiple-player modes, not just battle, also can race. With high speed omnidirectional chassis and smart turret, GEIO possesses the ultimate sense of control. And face recognition, enemy and totem detection with GEIO camera and sensors, upgrades your gaming experience

Make Your Own GEIO

Paint your GEIO to make it unique.

Just free your imagination and paint whatever you want.

Improve imagination and practical ability

Competitive events

If you want to organise competition, GEIO is your best choice, GEIO has battle mode, player can choose their team and different special ammo to make more fun.



About GJS Robot

GJS Robot is a leader in consumer battle robots and gaming robots. Since 2015, GJSROBOT has been developing state-of-the-art AI and technology to create advanced robots which surpass the imagination. GJS is on the forefront of creating a new popular entertainment sport – Rsports – which will unite people around competitive battle robots.

Mission: Create the fun of future

Vision: GJS builds coolest robots with advanced technology and creates new way of mass entertainment to make people closer to each other

Value: Creativity, Fun, Concentration, Cooperation

What You Will Get


GEIO Robot x 1

Battery x 1

USB cable x 1

Totem x8

Quick Guide x 1

GEIO packaging box

AR GAMING – AR modes allows you to make any open ground your battle field. GEIO robot toy is endowed with «vision», to attack the enemy accurately through First Person View. Face recognition, enemy and totem detection with GEIOs camera and sensors, upgrades your AR gaming experience.
PROGRAMMING AND STEM LEARNING – With Programming mode, kids can program GEIO STEM robot for kids with the graphical coding experience, improving kids’ logical thinking and creativity in the game. Allows kids to develop valuable STEM skills while having fun!
COMPETITIVE EXPERIENCE – GEIO competitive robot make you can battle with your friends, equipped with first person view and machine visual recognition and high-speed omni-directional wheels and mobile battery and an electronic scoring system gives players an immersive experience, players also can get different weapons and abilities with totem system in each play mode including Battle/Race/Treasure Snatch Mode, can offer players comprehensive battle experience.
DAILY AMUSEMENT – GEIO robot toy has 8 play modes including 4 solo-modes and 4 multi-player modes. Whether one person, two people or many people, GEIO gaming robot with a variety of game modes can make you feel happy. Coupled with the interesting Al expression system, GEIO electronic robot will be your best partner.
PARENT-CHILD INTERACTION – GEIO gaming robot will be virtualized into reality, combining multiple gameplay modes to make GEIO robot toy a bridge for family communication. App control and simple operating system make it easy to use by 8+ year old children. GEIO smart robot make parents and children more intimate.

Price: $199.99
(as of Feb 29,2020 02:48:35 UTC – Details)

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