G Keni Bike Tail Light Rechargeable, Anti-Theft Alarm, Warning Electric Horn, Bike Finder with Remote, Electric Mountain Bike Accessories

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(as of Jun 23,2020 15:25:09 UTC – Details)

Product Description

G Keni Bike Alarm Tail Light RechargeableG Keni Bike Alarm Tail Light Rechargeable

G Keni Bike Alarm Tail Light Rechargeable, It’s Not Just a Bike Tail Lights!

it's not just a bike taillilghts!it's not just a bike taillilghts!

Summary of Features

1. Safety light with three distinct modes. (Burst Flash/Slow Flash/Steady On)

2. Theft-deterrent alarm with remote activation and deactivation.

3. Bike tracker/finder through light or sound up to 164 feet.

4. Wireless remote with a range up to 50-100meters.

5. Electric horn.

6. USB rechargeable.

7. IPX6 waterproof design

8. Quality Certified

Product Parameters


Intelligent Remote Alarm Bike Taillights


G Keni


3 diffrent mode (Burst Flash

Slow Flash

Steady On)



Taillight Battery capacity

800 mAh

Lithium battery

Taillight Battery Using Time

30hrs-60hrs (Depends on the mode you use)

Remote Control Battery


Alkaline battery


0.194 pounds

Lamp beads

COB bright light source


IPX6 waterproof design

Remote Size


Taillight Size

3.5×1.7×1 inch

Compatible Bicycles

Mountain bike / Child bicycle /Road bike / Bicycle commuting / Ladies bike / Ordinary bicycle / Electric bike

When needs to charge? How to know whether the battery power enough? How to indicate?

IPX6 WaterproofIPX6 Waterproof

Please do charge the taillight if you find below phenomenons:

Press the remote controller, if you hear“du..du.” sound for 2 times, it means power is not enough.
If the remote distance becomes short, the light becomes weaker, and the sensitivity is not so good, all of these signals are telling you that taillight is going to be out of power.
Just receive a new one, need to go long-distance cycling, or you haven’t used it for several months.

During the charging time, the weak light will be continuously on and turn off after fully charged for 2-3 hours.

IPX6 Waterproof: It against splashing water from any angle, withstands all adverse weather conditions

Any questions to the remote controller

Why is the taillights alarm not sensitive?

Do not move the bike immediately after setting the alarm function, when you press LOCK button, need to wait for 3 seconds to hear one “BI’ sound, then you need to wait 3 seconds more it will enter into the alarm mode, In other words, after press LUCK button, it will be alarming in 6-7 seconds. this 6-7 seconds design, just let you have enough time to lock your bike or take anything from your bike, if time is too short, it might be alarming while you lock your bike or pick up anything from you wedge bag Why can’t the remote controller control the taillights?

Mount the light under the saddle.

Mostly it is causing by the taillight out of power, first to check the battery whether was fully charged? If no problem, then check the remote controller battery whether has power? If both are with power, just paring the taillights with remote controller accordingly If lost the remote controller, can we replace another new one? Yes, it is no problem, you can purchase it from our shop. First you need to press the BLUE button of back side for 7 seconds, after hearing one long sound “di…”,

Mount the light to the seat post.

then the lost remote controller is not able to control the taillight at all. After buying new remote, long press to the BLUE button for 2-3 seconds, when you hear one “di..” sound from main unit, just press any button from new remote controller, you will hear 2 times of “di di”, then it is paring automatically.

It’s best choice for the rider, Awesome!

Bike Tail  Accessories

Two Way to Install (1st)

A. Mount the light under the saddle.

1. Open the box packaging

2. Remove the bracket by fixed

3. The bracket is fixed to a bicycle saddle beam

4. With installation tool securing long screw

5. Taillight insert mounting bracket

6. With installation tool securing short screw

Note: Suitable for left and right below the saddle bracket gap spacing 1.77-2.16inch

Two Way to Install (2nd)

B. Mount the light to the seat post.

(The same way as the 1st one)

How to Mount Remote Control

1.With remote control wearing tie through the bracket

2. The bracket on the bicycle on the cross, fixing tie.

3. Remote control can be inserted into the bracket

Tips: Please install the light according to the instruction book.

What’s in the box?

1x Host + Taillight bracket

1x Remote Control

2x Mounting bracket

1x Plastic Strap

1x Square gasket

1x USB Charging Cable

2 x Installation tool (large+small)

2x Screws (long + short)

1x Instruction Book

Shell Material

Aluminium Alloy

ABS Plastic

Bike Alarm

Light Flash

Motion Sensing

Auto On/Off

Light Sensing

Auto On/Off

Brake Sensing

Light Modes



Battery Time

20-50 hrs



Battery Capacity



SAFETY TAILLIGHTS: 3-distinct flashing modes: burst/slow/steady on, keep you and your bike in safety. Support for wireless remote control or manually switch. Water resistant.

ANTI-THEFT ALARM: Theft-deterrent alarm with remote activation and deactivation, up to be 120 decibels enough to frighten and deter thieves.

BIKE FINDER: distance in the open, the remote control operating distance up to 50m(164 feet), easily find your bike location through light or sound. Wireless electric horn to alert others or cars while riding thru traffic.

EASY MOUNTING WAY: Both saddle and seat post mounting kits are included.
LONG TIME POWER STANDBY: USB rechargeable with built-in 700mAh lithium battery that lasts up to 15 days average use (or up to 15 hours of flashing), it takes 2-3 hours to be fully charged. One year quality guarantee.

Price: $24.49
(as of Jun 23,2020 15:25:09 UTC – Details)

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