FlexiScent Mini Essential Oil Diffusers Air Deodorizer Odor Eliminator, Smart Scent Diffuser Air Freshener Spray Aromatherapy Diffuser, Aroma Diffuser Scent Machine Fragrance Oil Diffusers

Price: $165.00
(as of Feb 25,2022 10:14:10 UTC – Details)

✔️[SMALL BODY, BIG COVERAGE] – Covers Up to 2000 square feet – Our Second Generation Patented Nebulizing Diffusion Technology achieves 3 times the performance of similar sized diffusers from competitors. NOTE: Actual coverage depends of layout, amount of airflow, potency of fragrance oil, intensity settings, and proper positioning of the diffuser

✔️[POWERFUL & VERSATILE] – This device is so powerful that it doesn’t limit you to pure essential or aroma oil blends like the other cold-air diffusers on the market. It can also atomize other liquids like reed diffuser refills, mosquito repellants, vinegar and more, making it suitable for many applications

✔️[SMART TIMER] – Super easy setup, adjustable fragrance intensity and hours of operations. It allows you schedule up to 5 working events with a 7-day timer program to work automatically every day. NOTE: This is not a plug and play device; you MUST carefully follow steps in the instruction manual to properly set the timer using 24 hour (or military) time for diffuser to work accordingly

✔️[LARGE OIL BOTTLE CAPACITY] – 200ml easy to install/refill fragrance oil bottle -No measuring, pouring, mixing, refilling and refilling. Just fill your favorite essential oil in the bottle, attach bottle to diffuser (set your run and off times – one time setup only) and you’re done!

✔️[LOW NOISE LEVEL] – The <30dB low noise level will effectively blend with the ambient noises in living rooms or commercial environments creating a unique and inviting ambiance all while you enjoy maximum therapeutic benefits from your undiluted essential oils

✔️[APPLICABLE AREAS] This is suitable for small to medium sized areas like Living Rooms, SPAs, Pet Clinics, Yoga Studios, Night Clubs, Dental Clinics, Public Restrooms, Hotel Lobbies, Retail Shops, Coffee Shops, Meeting Rooms, or anywhere with high visitors’ traffic. It can stand freely, placed on the desktop, or conveniently wall mounted. IMPORTANT: This model is will NOT connect to the HVAC

Price: $165.00
(as of Feb 25,2022 10:14:10 UTC – Details)

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