Bike Phone Mount Holder: Best Universal Handlebar Cradle for All Cell Phones & Bikes. Clamp Fits Road Motorcycle & Mountain Bicycle Handlebars. Cycling Accessories for iPhone X 8 7 6 Plus Galaxy ETC.

Price: $27.99 - $13.97
(as of Jun 23,2020 15:12:38 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Place your phone inside the top of the rubber bands. Stretch the top bands over the top and corners of your phone. Then push up and stretch the bottom bands over your phone.


Place the bike mount on the location of the handlebar or bike frame where you want to securely fasten.


Pull the silicone strap around the handle bar and connect the band at the desired tightness using the adjustment holes in the strap. Tighter is better.


Phone is now securely in place and ready to use.

For Everyday Use

✅ FITS ALL PHONES AND HANDLE BARS ✅ – Secured by our Extra Strength Interlocking System. Your phone will be safe at all times no matter what bar you decide to mount it on. Using our Extremely Durable Silicone Rubber Bands to hold the phone securely to the mount. You can now enjoy scoping out the trail using GPS on your mountain bike, clock your speed on your motorcycle, or even keep track of the grocery list when mounted to the shopping cart. SECURELY FITS ALL PHONE SIZES, large or small.
✅ 10 SECOND INSTALLATION ✅ – Not one tool is needed to get this phone mount working for you. Simply pull the silicone bands over each corner of the phone and then just loop the strap around the handlebar and lock in a tight fit. This installation is 10 TIMES EASIER, No struggling with tools or tracking down nuts & bolts. Can be mounted easily to an ATV, Bike, Motorcycle, Scooter, Grocery Cart, Stroller, Stationary Bike, etc. Join our raving fans and Always have access to your phone on the go.
✅ DURABLE & WEATHER RESISTANT ✅Many other bike phone mounts you may see on Amazon are not made to handle the elements. Our mount is specifically designed to handle all weather conditions. From leaving your mount out in the rain or completely submerging it under water when mountain biking. Made with super strong silicone that is dirt-resistance and washable. The soft silicone will never scratch or damage your phone UNLIKE many other metal or hard plastic phone mounts on the market.
✅ Safe & Secure ✅ – Using the Toughest Silicone Rubber, our mount is able to grip onto your handle bars without any fear of it loosening or falling from its grasp over time. Be careful of cheaply priced mounts & holders that are poorly made and don’t offer the security your device deserves. We’ve tested our mount with all phone sizes and all handlebar sizes to ensure your phone will stay securely in place. It has great Bump Stabilization, allowing great viewing of your phone on rough terrain.
✅ THE BRAND THAT CARES ✅ – E Tronic Edge stands behind all our products and will make sure your purchase one to remember. Our team is focused on providing the most innovative and high quality mobile products. After putting this phone holder through a rugged testing period, we stand behind this product’s quality. If you have any issues whatsoever please contact us and we will make sure to resolve it for you, even if it is after Amazons standard return policy date. Checkout with confidence.

Price: $27.99 - $13.97
(as of Jun 23,2020 15:12:38 UTC – Details)

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