38W UV Germicidal Lamp with Ozone Sterilization – Ultraviolet UVC Disinfection Light with Remote Control Timer

(as of Nov 27,2022 08:00:08 UTC – Details)

Material: ABS, Stainless Steel
After Power on, push start button and select 15/30/60 minutes disinfection time with the remote control, start after 15 seconds delay.
Made of quartz material, 254nm wavelength. The uv disinfection light is more effective than liquid disinfectant, no irritating odor after disinfection.
Ozone has sterilizing and disinfecting effect, and ozone is a gas which can fill the entire room, without the influence of obstacles, achieve no dead angle sterilization. Ozone contains peculiar smell, after disinfected the room with the uv ozone light, please open the window for ventilation.
Powerful 38 Watt UVC lights, effectively covers up to 40 Square meters. The UV light will work effectively in disinfecting surface and cleaning rooms.
The germicidal lamp will emits very strong UVC light when turned on, ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eyes burned, please leave the place of use immediately and keep the environment without any pets and plants.

(as of Nov 27,2022 08:00:08 UTC – Details)

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